How Bad Is Too Much Sugar For Kids?

A lot of parents giving their kids some sweets like candy, ice cream, chocolate, or lollipop. Eating too much sugar, and developing into what some have termed “sugar addiction,” has several potential physical and psychological harms to kids. Actually sugar is one energy source needed by the body. But at certain levels, sugar can actually backfire and can harm the health of children. Let’s untangle what are the harms of sugar for kids,



Children who consume too much sugar will high potentially have a risk of diabetes. He will also be more susceptible to various other diseases when he grows up. It is better to give snacks or milk with low sugar content. You can cook the snacks by your self to avoid high sugar content in the snacks and beverages.

Teeth Damage


Tooth decay can potentially cost your child much more than they need for fillings, or even losing teeth. If left untreated, it can lead to severe illness, and in extreme cases, even death. Good oral hygiene, including brushing and flossing twice daily, and regular dental checkups, can help to prevent tooth decay. But you have to limit candy and soda consumption while treating your teeth.

Stomach Problems


Consuming too much sugar for children cause hungry easily. This is because excess glucose in the body can inhibit the hormone leptin which serves to signal to the body that the body is full and it’s time to stop eating. Children who can not be controlled sugar intake, most likely it will also be difficult to control another food consumption. Too much sugar will also cause diarrhea for children who have high sensitivity to sugar and gluten.



The risk of obesity is many times greater for high sugar consumption children than children who consume enough sugar. Some studies have found that children who consume excessive sugar will be obese or overweight. Not only children, adults who consume excess sugar will also be obese. It happens because too many calories intake for a day.

Unstable Emotion


Children with over sugar intake will also be more irritable, emotional and depressed. Feelings of children with over sugar consumption are very difficult to control to be calmer. It also causes a risk of brain weakness. They could have difficulty to study in the class.

Those all the risks of giving too much sugar and sweets for children, Although giving your child sweets might seem like the easiest way to get him to do what you ask, you could very well be setting him up for problems by giving him too much sugar. Try using effective discipline methods instead.

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