How To Make Delicious And Beautiful Toast At The Same Time

Colorful unicorn and technicolor mermaid toast are currently taking the internet by storm. You’ve probably have seen these artistic creations on social media and thought that although they look stunning, they’re probably hard and too intensive to make. Luckily, that is not the case. These buzz-worthy treats are actually quite easy to make and we will show you how.

The Tools You’ll Need


First, you’ll want to make sure that you have a bunch of small little stain-resistant mixing bowls if you’d like to individually create different colorful spreads. If you’d rather paint onto the toast, add food coloring directly to the small bowls and use a paintbrush to paint, rather than mix the colors together. To mix the dyes with the spreads: you need a whisk. To spread the colors easily onto the bread: it’s best to use either a small cake spatula or a thick butter knife.

The Toast and Spreads


Try using a thick-cut white bread, hearty wheat bread, toasted waffles, or homemade cinnamon swirl bread for best results. And how about the spread? People are currently using all types of spreads to infuse with beautiful colors, but we highly recommend a soft spreadable cheese like cream cheese, goat cheese, ricotta, and/or mascarpone.

The Toppings


Try gathering some earth-friendly food dyes such as blue algae, spirulina, butterfly pea powder, turmeric, and dried beet powder. If you can’t find those in your area, or would rather use something that you probably have on hand, you can always use store-bought food dyes in a variety of colors.

Unicorn Toast


One of the most popular variations of rainbow toast is the infamous unicorn toast. Begin by toasting the bread until it’s golden brown. Taking a paintbrush, or the back of a butter knife, start at the bottom right-hand corner and smear the color into the ricotta. Working your way from left to right, carefully smear each color into the next to create a rainbow effect. Be sure to wipe off your knife between colors to avoid murky, dim coloring.

Mermaid Toast


Add a few pinches of the blue-green algae powder and add more to the bottom right-hand corner and less on the top upper left-hand corner. Take a paintbrush and smear the bottom right-hand corner until the color is rich and deep. Continue smearing, area by area, so that some of the spaces are lighter and darker than each other. Finish by adding a few more flecks of the spirulina powder and a sprinkle of the bee pollen. Serve immediately.

Organic Flower Garden Toast


Toast organic wheat bread until brown and sturdy. Smear on the coconut yogurt and add strips of cacao nibs, lavender petals, and dried rose petals. Position the organic gummy worms on top and finish by adding a few flecks of the spirulina powder and enjoy!

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