Irresistible 7 Slider Sandwiches That Simple To Bite

Sliders win the award for most fun party food. They look good on a platter, they’re handheld but hearty, and the options for fillings are endless. These soft and delicious bite-size buns are perfect for sliders and small burgers. From beef patties to meatballs to shawarma to pizza, the hardest part will be choosing what to put between the bread. Here are the best recipes compilations!

01. Mini Italian Meatball Sliders


For an easier-to-eat version, make Italian meatball sliders. Simply slather spicy whole grain mustard on toasted mini rolls, then top with cheesy meatballs, roasted peppers, and capers. These can be made with pre-made ingredients, but feel free to roll your own meatballs for an extra special snack.

02. Falafel Sliders


For something different than the same old burgers, whip up a batch of crispy falafel sliders. The spiced, fried patties are sandwiched with cucumber, tahini, and amba sauce for a tasty app or main dish. This recipe only makes two sliders for an intimate party, but you could easily multiply the amounts to serve as an appetizer.

03. Monte Cristo + Brie Sliders


Sweet and savory, these sliders are a tasty snack for brunch, lunch, dinner, or parties. The creamy Brie melts beautifully and holds the whole thing together. Tangy raspberry jam lends some brightness to the rich sandwich, which is coated in an egg mixture and fried like French toast.

04. Grilled Stuffed Mushroom Sliders


Vegetarians and meat-eaters alike will be wowed by these grilled sliders. Pick your mushrooms to match the size of your buns to make an easier to eat, more attractive sandwich. Filled with a mix of cheeses and grilled, the mushroom caps are topped with dressed arugula and served warm and melty.

05. Pepperoni Pizza Sliders


Quick and easy, these pizza sliders are a delicious appetizer for game days, birthday parties, and other gatherings. Pepperoni is a classic, but add thinly sliced bell pepper and onion if desired, or make part of the batch vegetarian. The recipe makes twelve, but you can double the recipe if you’re feeding a crowd.

06. Vegetarian Loaded Sweet Potato Sliders


For another meat-free option, mini black bean burgers are a tasty alternative. A mix of spices adds a zesty flavor (though you’ll have to leave the Worcestershire sauce out for a truly vegetarian dish). For the low-carb crowd, replace the bread with roasted slices of sweet potato. The fresh avocado cream is the perfect easy condiment drizzled on top.

07. The Cheesiest Mozzarella Meatball Sliders


Homemade meatballs and tomato sauce are what make these cheesy sliders stand out. Meatballs are simple to make, but the key to success is not over-working the meat. Use high-quality brioche buns if you can find them since they add a nice light sweetness and a finished look. Serve warm and melty.

For buns, you can make it by yourself if you want. Everyone will love your homemade buns filled with tiny burgers, seafood salad, shredded beef, pulled pork or chicken, or other delicious sandwich fillings. Recipes can easily be sized up or down depending on the size of the crowd and most non-vegetarian sliders can be made veggie-friendly by using vegan meat. Sliders make a fun family meal, too—no party required.

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