Juicy Vegetarian Nuggets Recipes For Weekend Plans

Are you a big fan of nuggets? Nuggets are the products made from chicken meat that is breaded or battered, then deep-fried or baked. It becomes a popular fast food restaurant item, as well as commonly sold as a frozen product for home use.

But instead of buying the frozen package, if you have time to spend, you may try to make it by yourself at home. Frozen nuggets have more chemicals content and seasoning in a pack. You can choose to make no-chicken nuggets for your vegan’s diet or your vegetable-haters children. Check the easy recipes below!

Breaded & Fried Cauliflower Nuggets

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These Breaded & Fried Cauliflower Nuggets are perfect for snack or eat with rice. Even when you’re not into sports, you’ll love these crispy veggie nuggets. It’s almost unbelievable that these are made with cauliflower. You can try to dip them into BBQ sauce and enjoy every bite.

Crispy Baked Tofu Nuggets

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These meatless chicken fingers are tossed in a flavorful barbecue sauce. It is easy to make vegan nuggets. So delicious recipe for vegans who wants to eat less meat but also taste the crispy and simple nuggets for consumption anytime. The basic ingredients used are tofu. Simply slice the tofu, and then press out ad much of the liquid as you can by wrapping the tofu slices in paper towels.

Quinoa Vegan Nuggets

Source: bohemianvegankitchen.com

These nuggets hold up really well with the quinoa and flax bind together to create a pleasing texture + yummy taste that doesn’t crumble in your kids’ clutches. It is 100% vegan, meaning they are meat-free, dairy-free, and egg-free. They are also naturally soy-free and gluten-free when using gluten-free panko breadcrumbs.

Chickpea Nuggets

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These chickpea chunks look like chicken strips, however, are the veggie lover they’re absolutely scrumptious. Protein pressed chickpea pieces formula to your rundown of thoughts to pursue an up and coming meatless weekend supper. Like custom made chicken tenders, simply more beneficial. Utilizing canned chickpeas makes this recipe easy and simple to cook at home.

Baked Lentil Veggie Nuggets

Source: thishealthykitchen.com

This easy, baked veggie nuggets recipe for the picky toddler or your family members in your house. These tasty bites have protein-dense lentils and tons of vegetables like zucchini, carrots and peas. Bonus, they are vegan, dairy-free and perfect for dipping in ketchup, homemade mayo, or tahini.

Cauliflower Nuggets

Source: thehiddenveggies.com

These roasted cauliflower nuggets are gluten-free, soy-free, and vegan. They’re delicious, easy to make, and kids love them. Covered in a crispy coating made of cheesy nutritional yeast, crunchy cornmeal, and healthy turmeric, these little cauliflower bites will please the whole family.

Vegetable has a lot of benefits for your health. Especially for children who do not like a vegetable. Courage them to eat vegetables with different dishes.

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