Kitchen Ingredients To Make Your Dry Eyes Better

Many people experienced dry eyes when eye tears are not enough to provide moisture to your eyes. This problem is also known as the medical term keratoconjunctivitis sicca, is usually characterized by symptoms such as watery, red and inflamed eyes.

Dry eyes conditions disturb the comfort of human vision. Before you use special eye medications, the following kitchen Ingredients are effective enough to deal with it quickly.

Water And Salt


The mixture of water and salt is a simple home remedy for treating dry eyes and irritation. Salt is an antibacterial agent that effectively kills bacteria.
Mix one teaspoon of salt with a cup of boiling water and stir the salt until it dissolves. After the water has cooled, gently wash the outer surface of the eye and make sure the saltwater does not enter the eye.

Rose Water


Rosewater is very effective for treating eye irritation while being able to clean eyes. You can rinse your eyes with pure rose water more than once a day.



When the eyes feel dry, slice the cucumber and wash thoroughly and then place the slices for ten minutes on the eyelid. When the eye condition is irritated, do this four to five times a day. You also can use the cucumber peel to moist your eyes. It will be more refreshing if you put the cucumber first in the fridge.

Green Tea


Green tea is not only for losing weight, but it is also being able to reduce inflammation and help overcome the dry eyes. You do this by dissolving green tea in hot water, then cool the water and rinse it on the outer surface of the eye.
In addition, you can also compress the eyes with a teabag that is moistened directly for several minutes.

Those all kitchen ingredients may effective for dry eyes. Treat your dry eyes regularly to always make your eyes moist. Importantly, wash your hands before touch your eyes. Your eyes are very sensitive and keep away from the dirt.

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