Kitchen Things To Get Rid Bad Breath

Usually, bad breath is one of the mouth problems that make everyone lose confidence. Some of them think that bad breath is caused by the food they consume, such as onions and coffee, but not all because of it, it can even be said the cause is not merely related to food.

Besides, one of the indicators of appearance is a fresh breath. If your mouth smells bad, of course, it will affect your social aspects. So, before you get dizzy about how to get fresh breath, let’s check your kitchen then you may find several ingredients that help you!

Apple Vinegar


How to get rid of bad breath easily is rinse using apple vinegar and water. Prepare 1-2 tablespoons of apple vinegar and a glass of water. Pour and mix the vinegar in a glass of water. Use the mixture to rinse for 3-5 minutes in the morning and evening. Then rinse your mouth by rinsing with plain water. Use this method to make your breath fresh instantly. Do this treatment regularly.



Yogurt is known as its benefits for digestion. But yogurt can be one of the solutions for bad breath problems. Yogurt has a probiotic content that effectively removes bad bacteria in the mouth and reduces the amount of hydrogen sulfide produced by bacteria. Thus you will be free from bad breath.



When we bite mint leaves, you can sniff fresh aroma in your mouth, that’s why mint leaves can be your solution for bad breath. Mix mint leaves and a cup of water in a blender. Blend for about two minutes.

After that, pour into a clean bottle using a sieve. Tightly close the bottle, or you can use it directly by rinsing your mouth using one tablespoon of the mixture, then mix it with water.



For this instance, you can consume oranges or apples for the best results. Certain natural compounds in apples neutralize the foul-smelling compounds in garlic. Then in oranges not only make for a healthy dessert, but they also promote dental hygiene.

Many people have bad breath because they don’t produce enough saliva to wash away foul-smelling bacteria. Research shows that vitamin C helps increase saliva production, which can help eliminate bad breath. Oranges are rich in this vitamin.

Those all-natural ingredients that you may easily find at home. Try to use them first before using chemical things because chemicals content is not good to use regularly. Using natural ingredients may take more time, so be patient!

Noval Vexecyn

Noval Vexecyn