Know Your Steak Texture Level!

For steak lovers, you will be familiar with the term level of steak doneness which greatly influences the taste and texture. Cooking steak is actually not difficult. You only need to choose quality beef, mix the right spices, and cook it with the right level of steak doneness.

The length of time to cook beef steak can be adjusted to the desired level of steak doneness. Some like steaks with a strong aroma of fresh meat, but many also prefer cooked steaks. There are several levels of steak doneness. Each level of steak doneness has a different taste and texture. Let’s learn about how to check your steak level!



This rare meat is only cooked on the outside. About 80% of the inside is still red. This rare level of doneness is usually the most sought after by foreigners because they think the meat is super soft and juicy.

Usually, to get this level of doneness, the meat on the inside must be at a temperature of around 48 – 50 ° C. You can check using a food thermometer. Be sure to check when the meat has just been moved from the grill pan to the plate, not when it is directly above the heat source. if using your hands, try with your left hand, put your right thumb and forefinger. Continue to press the bottom of the thumb. You can fell the texture of rare steak.

Medium Rare


Medium rare is just more cooked meat. When compared to rare, about 60% of the meat inside is still red. The term steak is medium-rare. French foreigners usually eat this medium-rare steak with a salad.

With a food thermometer, the meat inside the rare medium must be 55-60 ° C. The texture of the meat is also juicy and soft. Now try to find your left thumb and middle finger. Hold the bottom of the thumb again.



This medium level of doneness has become the standard of delicious steak in various countries. The texture of the meat is certainly not as juicy as rare or medium-rare anymore.

Medium steak has more brown color and only a little pink inside, maybe around 40%. Usually, the meat inside when measured will be 60-65 ° C. How to measure it tries to combine the thumb with the ring finger, press the bottom of the thumb.

Well Done


The whole meat is almost completely cooked, but it still feels a bit juicy. There is still a little pink in it, around 20%. Usually, the meat will have a temperature of around 65-69 ° C when measured with a food thermometer. How to measure it the same as the medium, it’s just that we can see again with a brown color compared to the medium.

That’s all the steak level doneness for you. Which one is your favorite? You may try to every steak level to find your favorite. If you go to the restaurant, you can easily choose which is your steak doneness level for you.

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