Lift Up Your Mood With 6 Yummy Ice Cream Sandwiches

If you can’t lift up your mood because you have a lot of problems, you may need to eat something chill. The only thing that hits the mood more than ice cream on a hot summer’s day is ice cream surrounded by two cookies. Both kids and adults alike love the classic ice cream sandwich, whether it’s an artisanal homemade version or the freezer aisle standard. Prepare yourself with these easy ideas for you!

Cereal Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich


Kids and adults alike will go crazy for these magically delicious cereal cookie ice cream sandwiches that come jam-packed with nostalgic breakfast cereals. Marshmallow-bound cereal pieces create the sandwich “cookies,” which get filled with bubblegum, mint chocolate chip, and strawberry ice cream. Kids and kids-at-heart will both love them.

Easy Ice Cream Sandwich Cake


This easy large-format ice cream sandwich cake will make a delightful, cool dessert for any summer picnic or party. Store-bought ice cream sandwiches come together to make this simple cake, so experiment with different flavors in order to create variations to suit your party’s favorites.

Red, White, and Blue Mini Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches


These red, white, and blue mini pie ice cream sandwiches will make you want to salute the sweets table, no matter what the occasion. Two mini hand pies—one cherry and one blueberry—create a sandwich for vanilla ice cream. The whole thing then gets rolled in white chocolate chips for a super sweet finish. Grab a napkin for these messy treats. Switch up the ice cream or hand pie flavors for fun variations.

Giant Ice Cream Sandwich


Blow your kids’ minds with a giant ice cream sandwich that works great as a full cake or cut up for a perfect summer party dessert. This giant ice cream sandwich looks just like the classic grocery store treat we all know and love with the summer flavors that have us licking our fingers through the very last bite.

Pina Colada Ice Cream Sandwiches


Fresh pineapple rounds take a dip in coconut rum, then nestle around coconut ice cream. Pop them in the freezer to firm up, then finish with an easy, decadent white chocolate and coconut flake dip. These go perfectly with a tipple on the deck, or waterside, with a maraschino cherry on top and Jimmy Buffet on the side.

Ice Cream Tacos


These delicious ice-cream tacos that taste like a leveled-up version of the sweet treats you may have gotten out of the freezer case or ice cream truck as a kid. This recipe uses flour tortillas, but you could also try waffle cone molds for an even simpler preparation. Tacos are not always having a savory taste.

With its nostalgic charm, this cool and refreshing treat makes the perfect hand-held dessert for pool parties and barbecues for the late summer days. To level up your dessert experience, try making one of these recipes, which deliver loads of flavor with inspiring taste combinations and ingredients.

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