Make Your Own Healthy Breakfast Easier!

In the morning, most of people start their day with breakfast. Various menu of breakfast will help you to choose which food do you like to make your morning brighter. To start your daily routine everyday, its better to cook your own healthy breakfast menu.

Some countries, they prefer eat rice for breakfast. Rice as macro-nutrient for our body so it is required for our daily activities.  In fact, rice is high of sugar content. It causes sleepy after breakfast. So, preferably to eat another carbohydrates source.

Check the healthy menu below for your preferences:

1.Whole Wheat Bread With Peanut Jam


Wheat bread is one of the healthy carbohydrate source. You can spread peanut jam on the bread. Even the peanut jam is sweet, but it contain good nutrition and low calories.

2.Boiled Tofu and Vegetables


Tofu is rich of protein. It make your stomach full longer. You can boil some vegetables such as broccoli an carrot. A portion of complete nutrition food is ready.

 3.Poached Egg and Toast Bread


Poached egg is easy to make for breakfast. Crack the egg to the boiling water. You can prefer to choose half boiled egg to make melted egg yolk. Combine with toasted bread for great taste.

4.Baked Potato With Parsley Leaves


When you bake the potato, you can choose to peel the potato skin or not. But if you choose to not peel the potato skin, wash the potato properly. Sprinkle parsley for various taste.

That’s all several simple healthy breakfast menu for you try at home. Choose the fresh ingredients and don’t forget to wash the vegetables before cook them. If you starts your day with fresh food, the whole day you will feel better.

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Noval Vexecyn

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