Many Delicious Recipes Dinner To Cook With Rice

These weeknight dinner recipes with rice are nutritious, taste great, and are easy to make. Stretch your family food dollar with our best rice recipes, including hearty one-dish meals, side dishes, breakfast for dinner ideas, and even desserts with rice. Plus, you’ll find ideas for make-ahead meals you can prep for the freezer, to reheat as needed.

Rice Pudding With Leftover Rice

Transform leftover cooked rice into a sweet, creamy, comforting rice pudding dessert that will fill your kitchen with homey baking aromas. Start on the stovetop, heating rice, milk, eggs, sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla, before transferring them to the oven to bake until creamy and set. This recipe is vegetarian and gluten-free but because it calls for both eggs and milk, it’s not vegan.

Wild Rice Quiche

Wild rice is an awesome addition to this smooth, creamy, cheesy quiche that makes a great lunch or light dinner. It’s simple to prepare with a store-bought crust (or you could make your own pastry). Feel free to vary the recipe, using any mild cheese and vegetables you like. It freezes well up to two months.

Savory Sticky Rice with Mushrooms, Green Onion, and Chili

This sticky rice recipe is simple to make and oh so delicious! A savory dish that is similar to fried rice, except it has a wonderfully chewy texture that even kids enjoy. Bacon, mushrooms, and onions make this Thai-style sticky rice a meal unto itself. It’s a savory entree that’s similar to fried rice, with a fabulously chewy texture that kids and adults alike will enjoy. Feel free to leave out the chili, for a milder main.

Baked Mediterranean Rice

This tasty Mediterranean rice recipe is made with just a few everyday ingredients. It’s a perfect side to any main course and easy enough for busy weeknights. It features arborio rice, which is the short-grain rice best known for making risotto. Takes only 30 minutes from start to finish, and is budget-friendly, using just a few, everyday ingredients.

Beef Fried Rice with Onion and Shredded Carrot

Want to try your hand at an easy Chinese takeout recipe? Toss some flank steak strips into an easy stir-fry of leftover rice, peas, carrots, and scallions, for an easy, filling, 30-minute meal that will please the whole family. You must use cold or leftover rice to prepare fried rice dishes. It’s preferable to use leftover rice as explained below but if you don’t have any leftover rice in the house, cook fresh rice but make sure it cools down.

Use these recipes to make a perfect dinner with rice every time. You can eat it right away with a pat of butter or a splash of soy sauce, top it with meat and veggies, or cool it in the fridge for later uses, such as making fried rice.

Noval Vexecyn

Noval Vexecyn