Mixed Smoothies For Losing Weight

Usually smoothies is full of sugar and sweet things inside. But who said we can not make our own smoothies healthier? We can combine fruits vegetables in our healthy smoothies. For diet people, smoothies can be an alternative beverages for breakfast or additional food. We should choose low calories because these smoothies are for diet. Mixing fruits and vegetables result in variety kind of smoothies. The benefits also will be variety for our body. Let’s check some mixed smoothies to practice it at home!

01.Carrot, Lettuce, And Broccoli Green Juice Recipe

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The first smoothies is mixed between carrot, lettuce, and broccoli. Carrot is high in vitamin A which for our eyes. Those 3 vegetables are also low in calories with only about 50 calories. The broccoli as well as the lettuce are also low in calories. This combination is not only great for weight loss, it tastes great!

02.Keto Strawberry Vanilla Smoothie

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This strawberry smoothies is mixed with plain coconut milk. This is keto smoothies use healthy fats like coconut oil and milk, among other ingredients, to help you reach the state of ketosis and lose weight one sip at a time! You must try some time to make this smoothies.

03.Lemon, Spinach And Parsley Green Juice Recipe

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Next is mixed between lemon, spinach, and parsley. Those vegetables are so plain and sour while we eat each of them. But if we mixed them, the taste will be so delicious. All the ingredients used in this recipe have anti-inflammatory, cleansing and diuretic properties effective for weight loss as well. The lemons are good for cutting down calories.

04.Blueberry Smoothie

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Last is blueberry smoothies. This is mixed of blueberry and almond milk. But for the additional ingredients, you can add another vegetables to make it tastier. Blueberry contains high vitamin C and antioxidant. Vitamin C is also good for cutting down the calories.

Prepare and make your own smoothies recipes. You can combine many fruits and vegetables but still relate in taste. You can start to consume smoothies as your daily beverages. But remember, don’t add sugar and use low fat sugar daily to avoid more calories.

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