Moist And Sweet Crepe Cake Ideas For Any Occasions

Crepe cake recipes are exactly what they sound like, cakes made out of crepes. And if you’re a fan of crepes, which we definitely are, crepe cakes exist just to make you happy. Because instead of just one crepe, you get to eat multiple; and they’re layered with amazing things like lemon curd, Nutella or pastry cream.

It looks and tastes different from other cakes. Even we must make the crepe layer one by one, but you will satisfy enough when cutting them in the cake form. Share your joy with all your friends and family in your upcoming events!

Chocolate Crepe Cake


The cake is covered in chocolate ganache to give it the perfect finish, but the basic version can be as simple as just crepes and chocolate cream. Made with simple ingredients and cupboard essentials, no complicated equipment necessary. No baking is involved in making this cake!

Nutella Crepe Cake


Nutella Crepe Cake will take you on a flavor ride straight to Europe. This easy-to-make, yet impressive cake will be sure to “wow” your friends and family. For this crepe cake recipe, it is used a combination of butter, cocoa powder, condensed milk, and Nutella. This combo is so incredible between crepe layers.

Raspberry Cream Crepe Cake


This raspberry cream crepe cake is light, not overly sweet, and surprisingly easy to make. You’ve got layers on layers of lightly sweetened classic crepes with a hint of vanilla and almond with a light raspberry cream sandwiched in between crepes, and topped off with whipped cream and fresh raspberries.

Banana & Butterscotch Crepe Cake


That luscious stack of crepes held together with a slightly sweet banana cream is pretty remarkable in itself. Layer, upon layer, upon layer creates a pretty visually attractive dessert, not to mention the amazing flavor.

It’s not over the top sweet, just the perfect hint of rich, sweet satisfaction. Sweetened with coconut sugar and a dash of maple syrup which both have a more concentrated flavor so you can get away with far less

Lemon Mascarpone Crepe Cake


Layers of light, fluffy, lemony mascarpone cream and soft homemade crepes create the ultimate spring-time dessert. It’s simple and stunning and completely amazing in every way. Light and airy, the pastry cream filling is not exactly pastry cream. It’s less heavy and filling making this a cake so light you’ll think you could polish off the whole thing yourself. The most perfect way to end any occasion.

No-Bake Oreo Mille Crepe Cake


Here goes a delectable Oreo Mille crepe cake for Oreo fans. ‘Mille’ means thousand in French. It’s not 1000 but this incredible cake has many layers of very thin crepe with vanilla whipped cream and Oreo cookie crumbles in between. There is no reason to hesitate. It is no-bake, easy, and Oreo

Now, you will never confused again about what kind of cake that you will serve on your upcoming occasions. You may get bored with ordinary sponge cake. So, those crepe cake ideas are the best to lit up the atmosphere party.

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