Morning Healthy Breakfast With Healthy Patties

Have you ever eat patties for breakfast? If you never did that, you may try sometimes. Patty is a flattened, usually round, serving of ground meat or meat alternatives. The meat is compacted and shaped, cooked, and served. But the basic ingredients of patties can be switched with several things that you never know.

The meat substitutes can be various, it depends on your appetite. You can change the meat with vegetables or fish. The health benefits will stay inside the patties if we cook them right. So, below are the healthy recipes for patties that you might try at home.

Salmon Patty


These light and lean salmon patties are not quite as hefty as a large-scale salmon burger. The protein fish inside the salmon will bring your spirit up for the next activity in the morning. This endeavor would require first cooking the salmon, then flaking the salmon, then adding the remaining ingredients to turn the salmon into a salmon patty

Quinoa Chickpea Patties


If you are looking for non-meat patties, this will be good for you. This quinoa recipe is vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, and packed with protein. Quinoa chickpea patties are perfect for brunch, a light lunch, or meatless meal. With just 3 Weight Watchers Smart Points per patty, they’re healthy and delicious meals.

Cauliflower Chickpea Patties


Next is still about non-meat patties. This simple, healthy, vegetarian patties will give you alert in the morning. The patties are super tasty and are great topping a salad, with some veggie scramble for breakfast, or as a quick snack. They would also be tasty on a bun like a burger.

Easy Tuna Patties


These Easy Tuna Patties are sort of like hamburgers, except instead of ground beef, they’re made from a mixture of tuna, breadcrumbs, and eggs. Seasoned with onion, celery, mustard, pepper, dill, and Old Bay seasoning, these little patties are so packed with flavor that no one at your breakfast table.

Zucchini Patties


Are you zucchini lovers? Zucchini patties, one of the best ways to use up summer Zucchini, fast and easy, onions, parmesan, and spices make these so deliciously tasty, the perfect appetizer or side dish. You will discover hidden delicious taste under some of those huge zucchini.

Lemon Thyme Turkey Patties


This one is not just an ordinary chicken patty. Lemon thyme turkey patties are exactly the recipe you need to keep in your back pocket for an inexpensive but delicious meal. It comes together in 30 minutes of cooking. You can use these lemon thyme turkey patties as burgers, serve over a salad, or enjoy with roasted potatoes and sautéed kale.

Which one will be your favorite? All the patties recipes above are worth to try. Healthy patties can be your healthy breakfast alternative so you will never get bored of eating protein breakfast in the morning.

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