Move Your Body At Least 30 Minutes A Day!

Every day, people are doing their activity repeatedly. Wake up in the morning, go to work, come back home, sleep, and start it again in the morning. For workers, their busy activities make no time for even themselves.


The human body is designed to move. That’s why our body needs exercise. But for busy people, they already feel tired to exercise after or before working.

Starting to exercise apparently still an obstacle for some people. Various reasons were put forward to start this healthy activity. Time is limited, lazy, and various other reasons that seem to ‘justify’ to not exercise.

Actually, the willing of change is inside yourself. No matter what is your reason, apparently busy people still have time at least 30 minutes to move their body. Those 30 minutes can give a great impact for your health.

Benefits of Exercise

We also can’t deny that the benefits of exercise itself are motivated you to exercise every day. Relieving from everyday stress, strengthen the body, controlling the body weight, and many more. Spare your time to exercise a bit every day won’t make you regret.

Exercise For Busy People

These are several tips for busy people that might be tried any time. For workers who work in the office room, your working days may spend only on the chair and in the room. You may start to use stairs to go to your room instead of lift or escalator and use public transportation.


After work at evening, you can start to simple physical exercise. Doing the dishes, sweep the floor, and clean the whole house are also burn the calories. At least you have already to do physical exercise even only a few minutes.

At the weekend, you can jog around your neighborhood. Or there is still another alternative; you can go to gymnastics studio near your house. Trying to exercise in fun way like aerobics or popular dance, Zumba. Exercise together makes us more passionate every doing that.


Or if you want to exercise by yourself, you can buy your own gym equipment and build your own gym studio in the house. There is one more, you can download aerobics video in the internet and imitate the aerobics move to do it on your own.

Exercise For Part Time Workers

You may have more time to spare for exercise. Unknowingly, taking care of your children is also burn many calories. For part time workers, you can manage your time to go to the gym nearby.


There are many ways to exercise even in your busy time. The key is how you stole your own time for your health. Health is our future investment. Beside exercise, consuming the right portion of food and nutrients help you to get healthier body inside and outside.

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Noval Vexecyn

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