Natural Treatment For Annoying Dandruff

Dandruff is one of the scalp problems that is often experienced by many people. Dandruff itself can be caused by many factors, such as too often changing shampoo products or lack of cleanliness.

Sometimes dandruff can be very annoying and itchy on the head. It will certainly lead us to feel uncomfortable. There are several ways to get rid of dandruff that is powerful and fast using natural ingredients. Here are ways that if followed routinely can help eliminate dandruff.

Almond Oil


Almond oil turns out to also be able to get rid of dandruff naturally. Also, quick to do and permanently longer. The content of vitamin E in almond oil is believed to overcome scalp and hair problems. That way scalp problems such as dandruff can be overcome by using almond oil. Apply the almond oil on our head, slowly massage your head and stand it for 30 minutes then rinse with water.

Candlenut Oil


The next way to get rid of dandruff naturally is with candlenut oil. The extract from candlenut seeds is effective for hair health. This is why usually candlenut oil is used to nourish and grow hair. Not only that, but candlenut oil is also believed to eliminate dandruff without damaging the hair. This is because of the anti-microbial effects in its function to inhibit the growth of dandruff-causing fungi. Use this oil before shampooing.

Lime Or Lemon


Lime does have a variety of properties for beauty, this time not only to whiten or eliminate acne but also to eliminate dandruff that is on the scalp. The content of natural substances present in lime juice also varies. For example, vitamins C, B (1,2,3, 5), carbohydrates, fats, calcium, protein, magnesium, fiber, and many more.

Besides being trusted to thicken and grow hair, lime is also believed to be able to eliminate dandruff naturally.
Just like lime, lemon can also eliminate dandruff naturally. This is because the natural enzymes in lemon can completely eliminate dandruff.



Vinegar can also be used to remove dandruff naturally. But with notes should not be in too many doses. So it’s mediocre and reasonable guys. You also need to know that the acid content in vinegar is believed to lift dead skin cells on the scalp. So, the problem of dandruff due to the accumulation of dead skin cells can disappear earlier.

Pandan Leaves


Pandan leaves can also be used to eliminate dandruff naturally. Pandan leaves contain nutrients that are good for hair health. Not only expels dandruff, but the benefits produced from other pandanus leaves are also preventing hair loss, and smoothing and strengthening hair. The trick is to smooth pandan leaves. Then mix with warm water. After that, apply to the scalp and finally rinse.

Those all the natural ingredients that may help you to get rid of dandruff. The duration of the process depends on how often you treat your hair. However, if you feel that you have tried all the methods to get rid of dandruff above but it also doesn’t work, then you can immediately see a doctor so that the dandruff problem is quickly resolved.

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