No More Waste In Our Earth!

These day, we’ve been through so many things about our earth. Global warming is one of the long time issues in our life. The issues of global warming cannot be overcame in a glance. The people in the earth should be more aware about the environment. Forest fires, rubbish waste, and flood everywhere. Those effects just make our earth worst. The change is from us. We can be the change maker if we can manage ourselves to be more aware of the environment. Let’s be more aware person at least to do these things:

01.Don’t Litter And Stop Using Plastic Bag!


Plastic bag is almost used all around the world. The number of plastic bag waste is billions ton. We can save the environment by bringing our own bag while shopping. If we accept some plastic bags from buying something, we can save the plastic bag and use it later when we need. Don’t easily throw away the plastic bags!

02.Don’t Waste The Water!


Water is one of the essential component for our life. Everyday we use water for our daily need. Water pollution is increase day by day. We should save water use to decrease it. Not only human who need water, but also animals and plants around the world. So, it’s better for us to start the good habit of save water early. Let’s not be greedy!

03.Don’t Waste The Pollution. Just Walk!


In several countries, the number use of private vehicles such as motorcycles and cars are still huge. Actually, if the distance is not too far we shouldn’t use vehicle. We can walk instead. Walking is also has a lot of benefits for us. While enjoying the view, we can meet with many people on the sidewalk. Or you can constantly use public transportation.

04.Watch Your Electricity Use, Don’t Waste The Energy!


Use your electricity wisely! Sometimes, people are forget to unplug their electricity cables. As you know, it causes high electricity usage. So unexpectedly you will pay more for your electricity bill. The components inside the machine is also burned and broke the machine. That’s why we should unplug the electricity cables after not being used anymore.

Millions of people on the earth can change this bad environment if we can start it from ourselves. Small change has big meaning if we can do that continuously. Healthy habits bring you health environment. The future is ours. Go for your self!

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Noval Vexecyn

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