Perfect Cantaloupe Recipes Ideas Ripe For Summer Dessert

Cantaloupe is a sweet and smooth melon that can be used in salads, breakfasts, and desserts. Also known as muskmelon, it has a unique flavor that you’ll love in these paleo recipes! Let’s take a look from savory dishes to refreshing desserts—will definitely have you using your cantaloupe.

Basil Cantaloupe Sorbet


This easy sorbet is smooth, creamy, slightly sweetened with maple syrup or honey, and enhanced with fresh basil. The basil complements the fruit so nicely! You’ll need a touch of vodka for this, but it isn’t enough to make this sorbet alcoholic—the vodka keeps it soft in the freezer.

Cantaloupe Gazpacho


We’ve looked at watermelon gazpacho recipes before, but not cantaloupe. This one’s a first1 The effect is similar, though, as the sweet and smooth melon combines with cucumber, shallots, basil, garlic, white wine vinegar, and other ingredients to make an easy and refreshing soup.

Spiced Melon and Watercress Salad With Agave Lime Dressing


This fun and simple salad are made with watercress, cantaloupe, honeydew, lime zest and juice, agave nectar or honey (or you could use maple syrup_, extra virgin olive oil, fresh cracked pepper, and cracked pink peppercorns or smoked sea salt, etc. for sprinkling over the top.

Grilled Cantaloupe Salad With Bluberry Ginger Vinaigrette


Never grilled melon before? You’re missing out! Because melons are sugary, grilling them results in a delicious caramelization that can’t be beaten. This salad is made with grilled cantaloupe, blueberries, chopped pecans, ginger, Dijon mustard, white balsamic vinegar, and more. Leave the goat cheese out of this one, too.

Cantaloupe Orange Smoothie


Why not combine two orange fruits to make a double-orange smoothie? This dessert smoothie has only three ingredients: cantaloupe, oranges, and a touch of maple syrup. I love that as well as sweetness, the maple syrup adds a nice maple flavor to counter the cantaloupe’s muskiness.

Cantaloupe and Raspberry Yogurt Parfait


This simple yogurt parfait can be made with coconut yogurt as the recipe suggests, or you could use dairy if that’s part of your diet. You’ll also need raspberries, basil, cantaloupe, and a bit of water to loosen things up in the blender. This makes a great easy breakfast!

Cantaloupe is full of water. Super refreshing and hydrating—the perfect summer ingredient. Here are nine ways to use them in both sweet and savory dishes. Just try to make one of the recipes above or you can make them all to please a crowd. It will be a perfect refreshing gathering!

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