Perfect Vegan Brunch Menu Ideas To Serve For Yourself

What if we told you that you can throw a truly delicious vegan brunch that will please every kind of eater?  Mix and match these dishes to make an ultimate brunch menu. If you can’t decide, start with avocado toast and chia seed pudding or breakfast burritos and fruit salad, and you really can’t go wrong.

Vegan Broccoli Quiche


Quiche is a classic brunch dish, but since it is an egg dish it’s usually excluded from vegan meals. This version uses firm tofu in place of eggs, imitating the texture that quiche is known for, and a vegan crust. Mushrooms, broccoli, and bell pepper add color and flavor—swap out your favorite veggies to suit your tastes.

Low-Fat Whole-Wheat Vegan Waffles


With this low-fat vegan recipe, waffles are a treat without the guilt. A mix of white and whole wheat flour increases fiber, and a little applesauce stands in to moisten the batter instead of butter or oil. Grease your waffle iron well so the waffles don’t get stuck. Top with syrup, berries, and coconut whipped cream for an extra-special brunch.

Vegan Mushroom Bean Burger


One of the best things about brunch is how it toes the line between breakfast and brunch. Want a side of pancakes with your burger? You got it! If you’re feeling more like lunch than breakfast, try these Vegan Mushroom Bean Burgers. They have a nice, meaty texture and you can mix up the toppings.

Easy Egg-Free Vegan French Toast


To make vegan French toast, this recipe replaces the eggs with blended ripe bananas. The fruit gives the dish a slightly sweet flavor that might remind you of banana bread. Fried in vegan butter, this dish will be the star of the show.

Vegan Breakfast Burrito with Tofu


For a hearty brunch that’ll stick with you, make breakfast burritos. Packed with tofu, mushrooms, peppers, and tomato, they’re healthy but satisfying. Add extra toppings like beans, hash browns, vegan cheese, avocado, or salsa if desired.

Easy Skillet Fried Potatoes


No brunch is complete without a side of potatoes. These Skillet Fried Potatoes are exactly what you want next to your tofu scramble or breakfast burrito. A simple combo of diced potatoes, peppers, onion, and garlic is perfectly crispy with just the right amount of spice.

Believe it or not, you just need to put together your favorite vegan ingredients into an amazing brunch. If you follow a plant-based diet and are looking for some delicious brunch entrees for a late-morning get-together this weekend, there are plenty of vegan brunch ideas that you can easily make and customize to your tastes.

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