Perfect Ways To Use Shredded Chicken That Might Surprise Your Family

What do to with those leftover chicken breasts? Those leftover chicken thighs? Shred them! Leftover cooked shredded chicken is one of the most perpetually useful things to have in your fridge. You can turn them into the best shredded chicken recipes that are fast, flavorful, and give you fantastic weeknight dinner options. Try these easy, winning recipes for BBQ chicken pizza, instant pot chicken tacos, pulled chicken sandwiches, chicken spaghetti, and more.

Instant Pot Chicken Tacos


Shredded chicken tacos bursting with Mexican flavors are sure to become a weeknight staple in your home. The juicy shredded chicken filling flavored with onion, spices, and chipotle peppers is easy to make on your stovetop. Serve the meat on warmed corn tortillas, with your favorite taco toppings and taco sauce.

Shredded Chicken in Tomato Sauce


Simmering boneless, skinless chicken breasts in tomato sauce is a fantastic way to tenderize the meat, and keep it moist and juicy. You can make this shredded chicken as mild or spicy as you like, tweaking it to your taste with chili powder or jalapeno peppers. Serve over rice for an easy weeknight dinner.

Crock Pot Shredded Chicken Barbecue


Move over, pulled pork! There’s a new barbecue sandwich filling in town. Use your crockpot to cook up a big batch of Southern-style shredded chicken smothered in tangy-sweet barbecue sauce, for loading onto buns with coleslaw and pickles. Or turn it into an appetizer using party-sized sliders.

Mexican-Style Shredded Chicken Soup


Tired of the same old chicken soup? Try this brightly flavored, Mexican-inspired soup. Your family will love the zesty broth with shredded chicken, and the fun topping of cheddar cheese and tortilla chips. This recipe makes enough for a big crowd, making it perfect for game day gatherings.

Pulled Chicken Tacos


This easily pulled chicken tacos recipe can be made with boneless, skinless breasts or thighs poached in chicken broth until they reach the shredding stage. Then the cooking liquid is enhanced with cumin, chili powder, and paprika, and cooked down to the consistency of a sauce. It all takes about 30 minutes. Just add tortillas, salsa, avocado, and cheese for a complete meal.

Chicken Spaghetti


Chicken spaghetti is an easy, cheesy, satisfying casserole that is sure to become a family favorite dinner. With only a handful of ingredients this easy version takes only 30 minutes, with no canned soups required. For incredibly tender results, simmer the chicken a few minutes longer than directed, until you can pull it apart easily with two forks.

If you’re super smart, you’ll plan ahead and make a few extra pieces of chicken whenever you cook chicken, and then you’ll have this springboard for all sorts of great meals later in the week. You can plan for leftover chicken breasts or thighs, or even a whole extra roast chicken. Try one of the yummy recipes above!

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