Powerful Tricks For Natural Mosquito Repellent

The presence of mosquitoes in the house certainly interfere with your activities, especially during sleep time. There are even mosquitoes that can cause dengue fever and malaria. Currently, there are many anti-mosquito repellent products in the market. Even some mosquito repellents also have a special fragrance that is hated by mosquitoes.

Even so, how to get rid of mosquitoes using these products is not entirely a success. Precisely, how to repel mosquitoes using this drug has its own effect. This is because of the chemical content that might be inhaled by you. So, here we give you some tricks about natural mosquito repellent for you.

Lavender Oil

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It’s no secret if mosquitoes really hate the scent of lavender. You can make a spray from lavender essential oil. Using essential oils with lavender, its scent can repel mosquitoes from your body.

Besides helping to repel mosquitoes, essential oils are also very beneficial for the health of the body. If you spray or apply a lavender essential oil, it can help you to provide a relaxing effect.


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The smell of lemongrass can dominate other fragrances that make the mosquitoes not interested at all in approaching the area around the house that has lemongrass plants. Lemongrass can be planted in the yard or garden in your house.

Moreover, lemongrass can also be planted in pots and placed around the front or back porch. Anyway, planting lemongrass can be an effective natural way to prevent the spread of disease viruses from mosquitoes.

Orange Peel

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Orange peel can be the mixture of mosquito repellent ingredients for various types. Well, you can make mosquito repellent from oranges naturally. First, you have to dry the orange peel under the sun and when it dries you can also use it by placing it in several corners in your home. Not only effective as a mosquito repellent, but the dried orange peel can also be used as an air freshener house.


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Garlic can be used to repel mosquitoes because it has a very pungent aroma and this is definitely what mosquitoes don’t like. You can make mosquito repellent from garlic.

First, you need to boil some cloves of garlic then chill the garlic. Then put the garlic into a spray bottle filled with water and you can apply it inside the house.

Coffee Powder

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The coffee powder can also be used as an ingredient to repel mosquitoes. You can make it at home because it’s really easy to get. First, you need to sprinkle coffee grounds in an area of ​​your house where there is a puddle. This combination of water and coffee powder will make mosquito eggs rise to the surface of the water. So that this can make mosquito eggs can lack oxygen and cannot hatch.

Besides doing the tricks above, it is better to always clean your house and your environment. Don’t let the mosquitos breed in your environment. Ask all your family members to keep clean the house.

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