Prove How Delicious Veggies Can Be With Turnips Recipes Ideas

The humble turnip, after all, has a mild enough flavor to take on the starring role in just about any dish, from quick and easy meal recipes to more complicated gratins and even simple slow cooker recipes. And as if it’s not delicious enough as is, it gets an impressive makeover when it’s prepared according to our favorite recipes. Of course, if this is your first foray into the wonderful world of turnips, you may be wondering where to begin. Let’s check the recipes below!

Parmesan Crusted Crushed Turnips


Parmesan Crusted Crushed Turnips are a sophisticated, delicious, low-carb alternative to crushed potatoes! They’re easy to make and will change your mind about turnips! Crushed potatoes get a serious upgrade in this sophisticated turnip dish. Better yet, they’re incredibly easy to make.

Turnip Fries


Replace oily French fries with these baked turnip fries. You won’t even notice the difference as the outside becomes crispy and the inside turns fluffy. And no one said these fries can’t be covered in ketchup! Beauty herbs (like rosemary), really can turn a plate of food into a satisfying delight. Just a few, fresh ingredients can make a simple dish really delicious.

Turnip Home Fries


Change up your usual breakfast by adding diced turnips to this diner staple. Cutting up the turnips creates more surface area, which means an extra crispy and flavorful bite. Adding a sunny side up egg for a runny yolk is never a bad addition!

Turnip Gratin


This indulgent gratin is super simple to make. Thinly slice peeled turnips, lay them in a baking dish, and sprinkle herbs, cheese, butter, and cream over top and bake in a hot oven until the cream is about to bubble over. Bake until vegetables are tender and the top is golden brown, about 45 minutes. Cool slightly, then serve.

Turnip Greens


The large bulb isn’t the only edible part of a turnip. Prepare them like you would spinach or collard greens. Add bacon, onion, a spoonful of sugar, and a small amount of water. The turnip greens are ready when they’re tender and have wilted down.

Turnip and Leek Blue Cheese Gratin


Turnips and leeks tend to be light, silky, and sophisticated as is, but they’re even better baked in creamy blue cheese béchamel. The unique gratin easily serves as a vegetarian main with just a simple green side salad. This leftover-friendly dish would be a crowd-pleasing side at your Thanksgiving feast.

Not only are turnips prized for their crunchy texture and unique flavor, but they also contain multiple vitamins and minerals. With the 10 turnip recipes above, you’ll become more comfortable working with this underrated root vegetable.

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