Re-Energize Your Body With Surprising Mucus-Flushing Vegan Foods

Well, in fact mucus is something we all have in our bodies, and it is quite beneficial, as it hydrates our organs. When in excess, though, it can be disease-causing, contributing to allergies, coughs, snoring, and more. Excess mucus production literally ‘clogs’ your body, forcing it to use more energy than needed to function properly. This results are extra sleepiness, overall fatigue, and may even lead to chronic conditions like asthma. Food choice plays an important role in the build-up and break-down of mucus. Here is the food you should know to reduce mucus in your body.

Pumpkin Seeds


It might sound unconventional because it is. Pumpkin seeds are a very popular antioxidant in Chinese medicine, but for some reason, they didn’t make their way to us as a healthy additive until very recently. Having some pumpkin seeds while you’re ill will definitely decrease your mucus flow and help you breathe more easily. Besides, they’re crammed full of other yummy proteins and fibers, making them a healthy snack.

Soursop Fruits


Traditionally, the juice of the soursop fruit is known to be a very effective diuretic. The alkaline fruit can be used to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract and remove excess toxins and salts from the body.



The nutrient-rich makeup of oregano, including its high content of manganese, calcium, iron, fiber, and a wide range of other organic compounds, makes this helpful herb an ideal candidate for detoxifying the body. Research has shown that oregano can help liver function by speeding up the process of toxin elimination.



Whether it’s ginger tea, ginger candies, or grated ginger in your favorite curry – ginger has magical healing abilities because of its unique antioxidant ingredients. It’s also anti-inflammatory, signaling to your body that you’re getting treatment and that it doesn’t need to produce more mucus to fight off your infection.



Perhaps one of the most cleansing fruits out there cucumbers. These are rich in water, potassium, and vitamin C all of which help to cleanse the body. Vitamin C also supports immune health and cucumbers’ alkaline nature also nourishes the gut lining and reduces inflammation in the digestive tract which benefits the immune system further.



Apples’ vitamin C and fiber are known as pectin are what make them such a star at relieving mucus build-up in the body. Their potassium content only contributes to their abilities and apples can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Eat them, blend them, juice them, or bake with them. Cook them up with cinnamon and some pears for a naturally sweet dessert or use applesauce instead of butter and sugar in your next batch of muffins!

You should also begin adding in lots of fermented and probiotic-rich foods to support your system even further. When you give your body healthy, cleansing foods on a regular basis, mucus will subside naturally and your immune system can support you the way nature intended.

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