Refreshing And Healthy Fruits Popsicle That Satisfy Your Throat

There’s nothing like enjoying homemade fruit popsicles on a hot day. The problem with the store-bought kind is that they typically contain high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors. Warm weather means beautiful ripe fruit starts to appear at the local market. You can create as much fun these frozen treats as you want. Almost anything can be frozen, so grab your favorite ingredients and let’s play around!

Strawberry Lemon


When shopping for sugar-free frozen treats in the store, they almost always contain artificial ingredients. Fruit pops at home are the way to go because you have direct control of the ingredients you add. This Healthy Strawberry and Lemon Sugar-Free Popsicle recipe is the best homemade frozen fruit ice pop. This dessert treat is keto, low carb, and made with organic sweetener and without aspartame. With only a handful of low sugar ingredients, you will be thrilled once you make this recipe.

Mojito Popsicles


Your favorite summer cocktail just got a makeover! These Mojito Popsicles are full of sweet mint flavor with a hint of lime and a punch of rum. A mint-infused simple syrup acts as the base here, with lime two ways and a double shot of rum. Since alcohol lowers the freezing point of water, these won’t be as boozy as their drink relative—which just means it’s ok to grab seconds.

Sweet Peach Tea Popsicles


Refreshing sweet iced tea popsicles that are spiked and full of fresh peach puree. The color of these popsicles makes you giddy. It’s such a vibrant orangy color. It’s the perfect color to relate to a refreshing summer treat. This is a whole different subject, but it would make the perfect eyeshadow color too.

Mango Peach Popsicles


Mango Peach Popsicles are ultra-healthy and ultra delicious! This frozen treat is made with just fresh or frozen mangos and peaches! There’s nothing wrong with using frozen fruit. Just make certain the fruit is pure fruit. You don’t want any added sugars or other ingredients. If you have fresh fruit, don’t hesitate to use it!

Peanut Butter and Banana Yogurt Pops


Calling all peanut butter fans! This Peanut Butter and Banana Yogurt Pops recipe are healthy, easy-to-make, and you’ll only need 4 simple ingredients. Insanely delicious and so perfect for anyone that loves peanut butter. Nearly everyone in your house can be mad, deeply in love with peanut butter so these were a huge favorite your house.

Kiwi Popsicle


This delightful homemade kiwi popsicle will bring a wave of refreshing flavors in your mouth which will be much appreciated by your taste buds. Being an enticing and healthy substitute for all the other processed sugar-laden ice creams, this Popsicle recipe will be a treat for your kids. Serve this popsicle at a family gathering and receive endless compliments from your loved ones.

So, you don’t need to always buy the very sweet popsicle in the supermarket to satisfy your throat. You may start to make your own health and less sugar popsicle. It doesn’t take a long time, just grab the fruits in your home and start by yourself!

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