Retro Recipes You May Have Forgotten But You Can Turn Back On

Finding unique dinner recipes can get tiring when you need to entertain or when you want to cook up a fresh meal that the family can get behind. Why not take some inspiration from the past next time you need to feed a crowd and whip up a meal your forefathers loved? These vintage-inspired recipes are tried-and-true classics for a reason. Trying to navigate which vintage recipes work and which fall flat can prove challenging but have no fear.

Chicken And Dumplings


When you need to conjure up a classic recipe that has graced tables since pioneer days, why not make some chicken and dumplings? This American classic has been prepared countless ways, but this take on the staple remains an easy-to-make hit. Succulent chicken thighs float in a dish of creamy gravy alongside fluffy flour dumplings. When it’s seasoned just right, you know you can’t get enough.



Meatloaf stands as the iconic weekend dinner for a reason. Its deep, rich flavor has become the watermark that we judge heartiness by, so why settle for less when you can enjoy this old-fashioned favorite. This no-frills recipe guarantees to keep you occupied enjoying the dish and out of the kitchen as much as possible.

Mini Yorkshire Puddings


Nothing screams “vintage” like serving up a dish of Yorkshire puddings topped with a savory drizzle of beef gravy. These fluffy delights have been around for centuries, and if you have never dished out a side of these treats with a Sunday roast, you need to try it. Even though you might think this recipe fell out of fashion due to difficult preparation, fear not! They cook up quickly, so you can serve them anytime.

Steamed Clams


Steaming has fallen to the wayside in recent years, but if you think this technique requires precise technical skill, have no fear! Nothing can top steamed clams, and these restaurant favorites can now make an appearance on your dinner table, thanks to this take on an age-old recipe. Each clam is cooked to perfection, and when you make the recipe with fresh seafood, you barely need any seasoning at all to pull off this foolproof vintage classic.

Braised Short Ribs With Sage Butter Mashed Potatoes


Meat and potatoes go back for years, and the braised short rib reaches the pinnacle of this timeless combo. These luscious short ribs lock in their moisture from the pan braising and pair well with creamy mashed potatoes brought to the next level by the earthy flavor of sage. For a refined classic that takes you back, nothing can compete with this meal.

Chicken Cordon Bleu


Whether you have tasted this dish at a restaurant or partaken in a pre-packaged version of Chicken Cordon Bleu, you already know why this vintage recipe continues to remain popular with Americans. A juicy chicken breast pan-fried to crispy perfection and filled with cheese and ham makes a perfect delicacy. If this dish has always seemed too finicky to make yourself, prepare to experience the easiest take on this classic that any home cook can manage.

Although we love creating new recipes reminiscent of the current times, there‚Äôs something sweet about the retro vibes that can still hold its own. They’re comfort food at its finest!

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