Safe Yoga Movements For Pregnant Women That Simple To Do

Practicing yoga during pregnancy is a great way to nurture you and your baby. It can also help you cope and prepare both your mind and body for any pregnancy demands and challenges that you may face especially during the third trimester. Yoga during pregnancy helps you to create space for both your baby and your internal organs. However, make sure that you only do what feels right and works, avoid muscle strains and extreme pressure exercises. The following are some of the common yoga exercises to try out during the third trimester.



This is a great pose for lengthening your spine and strengthen your core muscles. This pose is a great technique for all pregnancy stages. It will help strengthen your belly as the pregnancy continues to grow. It also relieves the back and allows a better circulation of spinal fluids and blood. Practice belly breathing when performing this pose. It will aid in calming your mind and reducing morning sickness. It should be done about 5 times for the best results.

Warrior II


This technique is great for strengthening your core and legs and as well as lengthen your spine. Even though this technique is a little bit challenging, it is said to help alleviate backaches during pregnancy.

Bridge Pose


This pose is convenient if you want to open up your hips and strengthen your glutes, core, and hamstrings. Also, it can be practiced in all the trimesters. Begin on the side and roll to the back as you move your body into a bridge pose. This helps avoid stressing your rectus abdominals. Avoid this exercise if you feel uncomfortable on your back.

Cobblers Pose (Baddha Konasana)


This technique is said to improve the health of the reproductive system. During pregnancy, it aids in opening up the pelvis, therefore ensuring easy and fast labor.  It is also said to calm the mind and improve blood circulation.

Corpse Pose


This technique aims at relaxing your body and mind. It boosts your energy instantly and hence it’s convenient for battling any fatigue during the pregnancy. Also, it helps in fighting off any side effects of pregnancy such as pain, morning sickness, and nausea.

There are some poses, however, that you should avoid while pregnant. They include plank cross, locust pose, boat pose, plow pose, and much more. Consult with your doctor on the best exercises. Make sure that you are well hydrated especially when practicing challenging and sweaty poses. Dehydration, especially during the last trimester of your pregnancy can have severe sequences such as false early labor or preterm labor.

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