Scrumptious Elegant Scallops Dishes To Eat Casually At Home

Creamy, soft, and slightly sweet, scallops remain one of our favorite seafood to cook. The best part? They happen to be incredibly quick-cooking. Whether we’re grilling outside or heating up a pan come winter, we like to buy scallops when we want something that’s fast, but still tastes indulgent. Here, the best ways to prepare this delicious shellfish for any meal and to suit any taste.

Sea Scallops Risotto


Whether serving on pasta, dressed greens, or creamy risotto the key to the sea scallops is a good hard sear. Simply pat them dry beforehand, add to a smoking hot cast-iron pan, and avoid flipping until the flesh is opaque and the edges are caramelized.

Hazelnut-crusted Scallops


The best thing about scallops? It’s difficult to pick just one, but their versatility is definitely high on the list. You can sauté, bake, or grill scallops; you can serve them in a salad, in a soup, as a side, as the main course, or on their own. Their subtle flavors make them palatable even to those who prefer turf over surf and, all-in-all, scallops are pretty close to perfect.

Steak And Scallops with Campaign Butter Sauce


Steak and scallops seem complex, but this recipe requires only a few steps before you have your very own surf-and-turf feast in front of you. The icing on top, so to speak, of this dish, is the Champagne and lemon juice sauce. Drizzled over the steak and scallops, it brings out their natural flavors while adding a slight kick. To make it a full meal, steam eight ounces of green beans for about nine minutes until crisp-tender and season to taste with salt and pepper.

Seared Scallops With Pink Grape-Fruit Brown Butter Sauce


A homemade pink grapefruit and brown butter sauce takes center stage in this simple recipe. The sauce calls for only three ingredients and is ready in mere minutes. The scallops are easy enough to cook, and once you combine the two, you’ll have a match made in seafood heaven. Serve with a fresh green salad on the side to make it a balanced meal.

Scallops Skillet With Bacon, Edamame, Basil, And Creamy Grits


Save this one for a special occasion. This is a dish that’s sure to impress, but it’s not one that will have you slaving in the kitchen all day long. Creamy grits—easy to make, even for those who aren’t born-and-bred Southerners—serve as a hearty base for the toppings: seared scallops, of course, but also bacon, sweet onion, red bell pepper, crisp edamame, and juicy grape tomatoes.

Scallops Spinach Spread


In this dish, we’ve taken a traditional spinach dip and cranked it up a few notches—and given it some decidedly coastal flavor. Bay or sea scallops chopped and mixed with typical dip bases like cream cheese and sour cream give this dip depth and texture, and a sprinkling of seafood seasoning brings all the flavors together. Serve with your favorite dipping chip—tortilla chips, potato chips, and crispbread slices are all excellent options.

You can sear them, grill them, steam them, and serve them raw in a carpaccio. They even make for a luxurious pizza topping, paired with bacon and a garlicky béchamel. Just decide which scallop recipes that you will adopt for tonight’s dinner.

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