Shrink Your Chubby Cheeks With Natural Ways

Having chubby cheeks makes an appearance does look young and cute. But there are also some people who don’t like having chubby cheeks because they will look fat. So that some medical methods are taken such as facial iron, planting threads, to plastic surgery. Well, the procedure besides costing a lot of money, is also high risk. Therefore you can try how to shrink the chubby cheeks with the following natural ways below.

Chewing Gum


For those who want to have thin cheeks, there is a very simple and you can do it wherever you are. Chewing gum is the easiest and most simple way. You can chew it every day, wherever and whenever. Chew gum for 20 minutes 2 times a day. To avoid fat from settling on the cheeks, choose sugar-free gum.

Blowing The Balloons


This fun and simple activity can also reduce chubby cheeks because your cheek muscles are trained to expand and deflate. You only need to blow the balloon until it is inflated and repeated up to 10 times.

 Massaging Face


The next effective way to smooth your cheeks is to massage your face. If you massage your face, this will reduce the fat on the face. The method is quite easy by applying special facial oil as a lubricant and doing a circular motion with your index finger and middle finger. You can move from the lower cheek to the upper cheek and then back again. Do it for 15 minutes.



Next is, you can often use a smile on your face to shrink your chubby cheek. This method is also an easy way to do. Do this method when you are at home, so it does not look weird in front of many people. With a big smile without showing teeth, then do it for five minutes and repeat this method five times.

More Water Consumption


Water will be useful for the body and can help the metabolism processes in the body. Water can help to get rid of toxins, improve kidney performance and make skin appear soft and bright. You can also make this water as a way to smooth your cheeks.

Do Smiling Fish


Smiling fish is an effective facial exercise movement to shrink chubby and wide cheeks naturally and quickly. All you need to do is clamp the cheek fat inward using teeth or like suck the cheek in and make a fish face. While trying to smile, hold this position for 15 seconds and repeat up to 5 times.

Those are natural ways to help you reduce the chubby cheeks. Using natural ways are take some time so be patient while doing them. But it is so much better than doing surgery, the effect of the surgery may harm you.

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Noval Vexecyn

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