Simple And Crunchy Appetizers That Start With Puff Pastry

There are so many creative ways to use puff pastry in everyday meals and appetizers. The light dough, when cooked right, perfectly browns and flakes. The common trick when using puff pastry? Create an egg wash combining egg and water, and brush it over the puff pastry. It will ensure that you get that delicious golden-brown crust, turning your pastry dish into an instant success. Or you can do it in another way, check these out!

Mini Chicken Pot Pie With Puff Pastry Crust


The best part of chicken pot pie is the crust, and there is no crust that’s easier to “make” than puff pastry. Cover these personal pot pies by pressing down sheets of puff pastry on top of ramekins. You can also freeze and store the pot pies until you’re ready to take them out and bake.

Ham And Cheese Puff Pastry Bake


This recipe is perfect if you have leftover ham from the previous night’s dinner. The delicious, cheesy bake will quickly become a breakfast or brunch staple. This Ham and Cheese Puff Pastry Bake is the perfect way to use your leftover ham. Chunks of delicious ham, mixed with melty cheese, baked in a flaky crust and served with tangy mustard dip!

Jalapeno And Smoked Gouda Puff Pastry Pinwheels


Pastry “pinwheels” might sound daunting, but this recipe is actually far easier then it sounds. After spreading the jalapenos and cheeses onto the flattened puff pastry, roll it into a log. All there is left to do is cut the log into slices and bake.

Salmon Wellington


Guests will be impressed with this elegant dinner of fish, spinach, and puff pastry. The cross-hatched pastry will make it seem like you put in tremendous amounts of effort when in reality this simple dinner can be a go-to for busy evenings.

Savory Spinach and Mushroom Strudel


This savory vegetable strudel filled with spinach, mushroom and silken tofu looks beautiful arrayed in slices on a serving platter. Use dairy-free puff pastry to make this recipe completely vegan-friendly. Many pre-packaged puff pastries–found in your grocer’s freezer section–are actually vegan by default. Check the labels on brands such as Pepperidge Farms and similar names and then get cooking!

British Sausage Rolls


These bite-sized rolls are an upgrade to the usual pigs in a blanket, calling for good-quality sausage instead of the usual mini hot dog. Bonus: they also freeze beautifully. Make them ahead for New Year’s by freezing in a tightly-sealed plastic bag. To reheat, bake straight from the freezer in a single layer in your oven until heated through.

Use the versatile puff pastry to create a variety of festive and impressive appetizers, ranging from tarts and turnovers to quiches and baked brie. So many creations that you can make from puff pastry. Just cook your best filling for savory appetizer pastry!

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