Simple Tips To Reduce Minus Eyes

The millennial generation is demanded to interact by using various kinds of electronic devices. Smartphones, laptops, and televisions that are routinely used have a bad effect on eye health. So we can easily have minus eye problems. Minus eyes is a condition when the eye cannot see objects from a distance clearly. Many people want to get rid of the minus eyes because it is very annoying. Let’s check what can you do to reduce minus eyes safely,

Drink Carrot Juice


Carrots are well known to contain beta-carotene which is needed by the body to produce vitamin A. Vitamin A itself is very good for eye health. By consuming carrots you will be able to maintain and preserve the eyes. If consumed regularly will reduce the minus on the eyes. Medical facts say that drinking two glasses of carrot juice in one day for one month can significantly improve the eyesight of sufferers of the eye.

Massage Your Eyes


How to reduce the minus eye naturally next is with eye exercises. Eye exercises can be done by shaking the eyeball from left to right, then spinning and blinking 100 times each day. This exercise also serves to clean and lubricate the eyeball.

Focusing Your Sight To A Finger


Focusing your vision using a finger is one of the ways to reduce the minus eye naturally. You can do this exercise in a comfortable sitting position, and place your finger 10 cm from the nose. Focus your view towards the index finger, then shift your focus to the distant object behind the finger, then return your focus to the finger. Do this by glancing, but without moving your head. Repeat this process up to 10 times every day.

Try Candle Therapy


How to reduce minus eyes naturally with this candle is one of the most widely used solutions by most people. Lit the candle, stare at the candle flame for several seconds and do not blink. You can try this maybe twice a week. Don’t try this too often because it can be dangerous for your eyes.

Those are several ways to reduce your minus eyes. But it is better to do preventive ways before your eyes are minus. The most important thing is when you try to reduce your minus eyes it’s better to reduce gadget usage for quick results. Do the best for your eyes!

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