Snacks Under 100 Calories Zone That Suitable For Healthy Diet

Unhealthy snacking contributes to one-third of the daily calorie intake, leading to weight gain. High-calorie, salty, and sugary snacks also put your health at risk. You may need to switch to low-calorie snacks rich in fiber and water. These healthy snacks keep you full, hydrated and have many other health benefits like maintaining bowel health.

Strawberries And Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate


Strawberry and chocolate is a timeless combination. You can enjoy half a cup of strawberries and semi-dark chocolate if you are craving for something sweet and yet not fall off the “healthy” wagon. Buy semi-dark chocolate chips and melt a tablespoon of them. That’s all you need to do to get a good dose of vitamin C, dietary fiber, and feel-good hormones from this yummy snack.

Celery With Yogurt And Sour Cream Dip


Celery is touted as a negative calorie food, meaning, you expend more energy digesting it than the number of calories you get by consuming it. Celery’s crunchy texture complements the soft and delicious dip made with yogurt and sour cream. Try it! It’s great for curbing all that craving for salty munchies.

Pumpkin Spice Almonds


Have 15 pumpkin spice almonds, and you will be set to rock that meeting or workout session in 30 minutes. Almonds are loaded with dietary fiber and healthy fats that help keep you satiated for a long duration and help reduce inflammation in the body.

Full-Fat Milk And Dates


A cup of full-fat milk with two dates is a good option when you do not have the time to make a juice or fix a quick snack. Pour the milk into a glass, toss in two chopped dates, and drink it. Milk is great for your bones, and it reduces the risk of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Dates may act as anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant agents.

Dry Roasted Bengal Gram And Cucumber


Bengal gram is a good source of protein and dietary fiber that helps lower blood pressure and reduces the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Cucumber will keep you hydrated and has lipid-lowering, antidiabetic, and antioxidant properties. Toss dry roasted Bengal gram with chopped cucumber, add some salt, pepper, and lime juice. Have it when you want to snack on a nutrient-dense and low-calorie food.

Baked Beetroot Chips And Hummus


Home-baked beetroot chips are the best if you are craving for potato chips. Beetroot is a good source of antioxidants. It has anti-inflammatory properties, reduces hypertension, prevents skin problems, and improves stamina. Hummus improves insulin and glucose regulation and may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Make sure you do not add too much salt while baking the chips.

There you have it, yummy and nutritious snacks under 100 calories. Snacking is an integral part of your eating habits, and tweaking it a little can help improve your overall health. Once you make it a habit of choosing healthy snacks, you will stop craving for all that unhealthy and trans-fats-loaded snacks out there!

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