Stay On Your Diet With Low Carbs Snacks To Munch Everyday

What is a low-carb snack exactly? They’re necessary for cell function at every level of your body, but too much of them can make you feel tired and bloated. While you shouldn’t cut carbs entirely unless under the advice of a physician, grabbing the occasional low-carb snack may help your energy levels, and enable you to hit other essential macronutrients like protein and fat, which help build muscle and promote satiety. So, you may try to make your own healthy snacks!

Edamame Hummus Crudité Platter


What’s better than a crudité platter for those times when you’re having a major snack attack? This particular dip proves our point. The edamame hummus spread and colorful, raw veggies are a great snack for movie nights or for packing in your lunch. Just pile up your favorite veggies around a large board or platter. For example radishes, blanched green beans, a variety of small garden carrots, cherry tomatoes, and endive lettuce leaves.

Ramen Eggs


Prepared just like those mouthwatering eggs that come in your favorite bowl of ramen, this protein-rich recipe will be your new go-to snack. Trust us—it’s a major upgrade to the traditional hard-boiled egg. You can definitely use the marinade more than once, just make sure to keep it in the fridge after making it and while soaking your eggs.

Roasted Parmesan Lemon Garlic Broccoli


Veggies have never looked or tasted better. This recipe proves that when prepared well, broccoli can be seriously delicious. This roasted broccolini delivers tons of essential nutrients including fiber, manganese, choline, vitamin B1, and more. Toss the vegetables with olive oil and seasonings, roast while you prep your meal and dive into crisp-tender caramelized vegetables!

Tropical Papaya Boats


This is not your average açai bowl. Instead of a smoothie with granola, switch up your game with these tropical papaya boats. Loaded with nuts, hemp seeds, chia seeds, and fruit, this is a great recipe to make for breakfast or a midday snack. If the health perks still don’t win you over, try cantaloupe instead! It works beautifully in this recipe as well.

Crispy Eggplant Polenta Bites


Next time half of you are craving a big bucket of fries while the other half is craving veggies. The crispy polenta-coated eggplant slices are baked instead of fried, but they still boast the same snack-worthy texture of potato chips. These would be equally good with a fat pinch of nutritional yeast stirred into the polenta mixture and a little warm marinara for dipping.

Crunchy Radicchio Cups


Not only are these diced avocado radicchio cups with honey-chive vinaigrette refreshing, but they’re also simple, which makes them the perfect appetizer to whip up in a pinch. Save this eye-catching recipe for a healthy snack and entertaining. If you don’t love the bitter quality of radicchio, you could sub ahead of Boston/butter lettuce in.

Trying to decide between half-heartedly filling up on junk food or waiting it out until dinner is a dilemma we all face, but there is a solution: munching on healthy, satisfying low-carb snacks that will hold you over in between meals. Let’s try to make one of the healthy snacks above!

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