Stunning Cupcakes Ideas For Every Occasion To Please All Age Crowd

If you haven’t noticed, cupcakes have grown far beyond the chocolate, vanilla, and sometimes funfetti (if you were really fancy) options you knew as a kid. These days, you can find cupcakes everywhere from weddings to gourmet restaurants and twee bakeries that decorate them as beautifully as full-size cakes. Their built-in portion control, portability, and of course, adorable looks, make cupcakes perfect for just about any occasion that calls for dessert.

Vanilla Cupcake


Plain vanilla tastes anything but if you use the right recipe. These vanilla cupcakes have a wonderfully light and tender crumb that makes the perfect base for just about any frosting or mix-in. Try these for the simplest starter.

Chocolate Cupcakes


One of the things that make these chocolate cupcakes really special is the combination of regular granulated sugar and brown sugar, which adds just a hint of background richness. Malted milk powder in the frosting gives it an extra soda-shop twist, but you can frost these tender and delicious cakes however you like.

Lemon Cupcakes


Both lemon zest and extract give these lemon cupcakes a light, citrusy flavor that perfectly complements buttercream or cream cheese frosting, but we’ve included a recipe for a lemony frosting too. Try these light and fresh cupcakes for spring celebrations like Easter, Mother’s Day, or graduation parties.

Red Velvet Cupcakes


True Southerners know red velvet cake goes perfectly with a crisp white boiled frosting. But the rest of us have come around to cream cheese frosting with these vivid, cheerful cupcakes. The original red velvet cake recipe used beet juice for that signature color, but most bakers prefer red food coloring these days.

Football Cupcakes


These football cupcakes are a lot of fun. Underneath the frosting, you’ll find a delicious chocolate cupcake that’s no different than any other. The football shape relies entirely on your piping skills, but it’s easy. Simply make chocolate and white frostings, put each into a piping bag, then add zigzags and laces, and you have a fun little treat for sports fans.

Unicorn Cupcakes


Transform a classic vanilla cupcake into an impressive mythical unicorn cupcake with just a couple of marshmallows, a dash of sprinkles, and a perfectly placed candle. These make a great substitute for a birthday cake when the party includes a picnic.

Now you can handle the cupcakes for the next occasions. The most important about providing cupcakes for all ages are you may consider baking various cupcakes. Many options for all ages crowd will be better. Your event may be a good topic for months ahead!

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