Super French Dessert Ideas That Might Bring You There

French desserts are equally sinfully delicious and impossible to make. Or not? In most cases, you will need a little patience, a little bit of handiwork, and a whole lot of butter. Feel like you’re sitting in a French cafe with these traditional French desserts! Get your chef gear ready and let’s get this French party started.

Yuzu & Berry Mille-feuille


Light and rich all at the same time with a touch of spring and summer with yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit) and berries. It translates to “thousand layers,” but fear not, you won’t need to work that hard. This modern take features berries and citrusy yuzu cream.

Chocolate Croissants


Traditional croissant dough is fun, but a time-consuming process. It’s something everyone should try at some point, but it certainly does not fit into our definition of an easy recipe. Simply roll the puff pastry out into a rectangle and cut it into triangles. Then add your favorite chocolate to the middle and roll-up. Or if you want to experiment, try marzipan and sliced almonds for almond croissants, jam, or even ham and cheese for a savory version.

Crepe Cake


A crepe cake is one of those desserts that you are immediately impressed by and then inevitably wonder who the hell had time to make one. They consist of at least 20 (sometimes twice that) delicate crepes, each separated by pastry cream, chocolate, caramel, or any other type of delicious filling

Meringue Tart


Meringue Tart is a sweet dessert consisting of a pastry shell that is filled with flavored curd and then adorned with light and crispy meringue peaks on top. The dessert is typically prepared with a pastry crust made with flour, egg yolks, sugar, and butter, which is usually filled with a curd filling, such as lime curd, lemon curd, or blueberry curd.

Gateau Basque


This classic Basque cake consists of two layers of shortcrust pastry and either a filling made with black cherry preserve or, more often, vanilla-flavored pastry cream. If made with black cherries, the top of the cake is usually decorated with the Basque cross (lauburu), while the version with pastry cream typically comes with a crosshatch pattern.

Tarte Normande


This French classic hails from Normandy, a region famous not only for apples but also for its Calvados apple liqueur, both of which are essential ingredients of Tarte Normande and make the perfect match for the delicately sweet almond frangipane cream filling, while the base is made with pâte brisée or shortcrust pastry.

French desserts are typical looks hard to make but once you try to make one, you will try another recipe too. Never be enough to make it once. Just try one of the recipes above at the weekend. Best dessert ever!

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