Super Ice Cream Cake Ideas To Really Get Anticipated In Party

Ice-creams are a calming balm on a stress full day, a comforting hug on a summer afternoon, and a perfect party dessert that is loved by all. They are creamy, sweet, and melt perfectly in the mouth. What if we infused two of your favorite desserts – ice-cream with your preferred cake flavor? Not only is an ice cream cake utterly delish, but it’s also a great dessert for a crowd or a fun twist for any celebrations.

Strawberry Chocolate Chip


Strawberries are so synonymous with summer and this ice cream cake from Noble Pig would be the perfect summer dessert. With a thin biscuit base (I skipped the called-for sugar and just used the butter) and some added chocolate chips to the strawberry ice cream. I also added chopped strawberries to the ice cream and served it with plenty more. This can be kept in the freezer (tightly wrapped) for several weeks, so you can cut a cheeky slice for ice-cream emergencies!

Funfetti Ice Cream Cake


Show me a kid (or adult!) who doesn’t love a funfetti cake! And this ice cream version from Cupcakes and Kale Chips takes the love even further. Create your own funfetti rainbow with this no-churn ice cream recipe, which is then covered in chocolate frosting – it’s cake as you’ve never had it before!

Banana Split Ice Cream Cake


If you love banana bread, you will want to make this dessert from Bigger Bolder Baking right now. Vanilla ice cream is sandwiched between layers of banana bread then topped with scoops of ice cream, caramel, sprinkles, and cherry to resemble a classic banana split.

Ice Cream Cake Roll


This classic dessert from Smitten Kitchen gets an ice cream makeover, turning it into the perfect family-friendly treat. Chocolate sponge with vanilla ice cream is timeless, but you could try your favorite flavors instead.

Classic Milkshake Ice Cream Cupcakes


These bite-sized beauties from Sprinkle Some Fun are great for any occasion, but especially for a party! There is no cutting cake or scooping ice cream when it comes time to serve, just take as many as you need from the freezer and top with some whipped cream and a cherry. Try all the classic milkshake flavors – strawberry, banana, vanilla, chocolate, and mint – they are just so pretty!

Oreo Cookies


This ice-cream cake is perfect when you want to indulge in an Oreo goodness. A yummy treat with a tasty blend of the vanilla sponge combined with Oreo ice-cream and plentifully packed with the goodness of Oreo crumbs, making this frozen dessert an iconic favorite for indulgence seekers.

Thinking of treating your whole family or friends to bring a cheerful gleam on a loved one’s face? Get one of those delectable dessert homes with ice cream cakes. Ice-cream cake is a perfect dessert for all times!

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