Super Simple Homemade Energy Drink For After Workout Refreshment

Honestly, when it comes to energy drinks, it washes away the fatigue almost instantly. Nature’s energy drink – coconut water – is another great option, especially because it has a bunch of enriching vitamins, is low in calories, and contains electrolytes. Electrolytes are essential after exercising heavily and even during diarrhea and vomiting attacks when the body tends to lose electrolytes rapidly. It is essential to replenish these otherwise you may end up suffering muscle fatigue, cramps, dizziness, mental confusion, nausea, and such.

Coconut Water and Lime


Coconut water has enough nutrients to swan through the energy-drink bar by itself. Plenty of athletes swear by it, and always keep a bottle handy during and after workouts. The ingredients are simple Coconut water 1 cup, Honey 1 tbsp, Salt 1/8th tsp, and Lime juice 1/8th cup. Mix the salt, honey, and lime juice in a tall glass, and blend until you dissolve all the honey fully. Then, stir in the coconut water, and drink. It helps to have the coconut water cool, but you can also pop in a couple of ice cubes if needed.

Iced Tea and Coconut Water


This is an exceedingly reviving drink, using the electrolytes from the coconut and marrying them to antioxidants of the tea. Meanwhile, the cucumbers will cool your body down, in a jiffy. The ingredients are simple Green tea 1 cup, cold Honey 1 tbsp, Rock salt 1/4 tsp, Coconut water 1 cup, and Cucumber 1/8. Finely slice your cucumber, and keep in the fridge, while you get on with the rest of the recipe. Mix your honey, salt, green tea, and coconut water in a jug, and stir. Drop the cool cucumber slices into the mix, and enjoy.

Green Mango Refresher


Green mangoes are available everywhere, and we are already familiar with the green mango + salt + spice combination, so this drink will be familiar to our tastebuds. You only need Green mangoes 1/4 kg, Rock salt 1/2 tsp, Black salt 1/2 tsp, and Sugar 1/2 cup. Wash the mangoes thoroughly, then boil them, until thoroughly softened.

Allow them to cool for a while, then peel them and mash the pulp. Strain the pulp as much as you can. To the pulp, add in the salts, chili powder, and sugar and stir until they have been fully blended. This is the time to check for taste – more salt? More sugar? You have a free hand (but go easy on the sugar!). Place in the fridge until everything is perfectly chilled, then add in the soda.

Banana Smoothie


Bananas and coconut water are both packed with potassium, so when you put the two together, you get a powerhouse of a drink. The ingredients are simple, there are Banana 1/2, Coconut water 1/2 cup, Orange juice 1/2 glass, freshly squeezed if possible, and Dahi 1/4 cup. Blend the whole lot in your mixer and drink. As always, it helps to have cooled the juice and the coconut water.

Spinach, Pineapple, and Apple Energy Drink


Before you dismiss this recipe out of hand, hear me out! Spinach is packed with antioxidants, and its bitter earthiness will be doused by the sweetness of the fresh fruit. The apple will provide natural sugar and potassium, and the lemon, electrolytes. You only need Spinach 1 cup, Pineapple chunks 1 cup, Apple 1 cup, and Lemon 3 tsp. Use your juicer or mixer to blend everything. Drink!

Importantly, there are no crazy chemicals, unknown ingredients, and it tastes great. So, next time you are hitting the gym or the kids are playing hard, fill up a sports bottle with ice, and serve up this homemade energy drink. Your family will thank you!

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