Sweet And Easy Homemade Jam For Your Bread

Do you like to eat toasted bread with jam? If it is your favorite breakfast menu, this would be interesting for you. Usually, the jam is made from pressed fruits, sugar, and sometimes pectin. Most jams are cooked. After making, the jam is normally put into an airtight jar.

But jam is not always made from fruits, several vegetables are used as one of the main ingredients of jam making, for example, carrot, tomatoes, and etc. So, below are healthy and homemade jams to try at home.

Crock Pot Cranberry Apple Butter

Source: theviewfromgreatisland.com

Crock Pot Cranberry Apple Butter is an easy, no sugar fruit spread for toast, biscuits, muffins, and scones. Just fresh apples that have been cooked down and pureed into a thick spread.

You will need 5 or 6 apples and a bag of fresh cranberries for this jam(one 12 ounce bag is about 3 cups of berries.) You can use any type of apple you like, and there is no need to peel them, just remove the core and seeds.

Ginger Peach Jam

Source: www.delish.com

This is the combination of ginger and peach for jam making. You will get sweet peaches to taste and the ginger brings a little kick that can really balance the flavors. Even that ginger is optional, but the taste will be better with ginger.

Carrot Cake Jam

Source: www.bhg.com

This delicious vegetable jam will be shocking for you. It only contained 48 calories per serving. Choose the best carrot for the best jam results. The taste of jam will be various since the mixture of lemon juice, and nutmeg balance the vegetables taste of carrot.

Easy Homemade Blackberry Jam

Source: thefrugalgirls.com

This is easy and delicious blackberry homemade. You only need to crush blackberry into pieces, place it to the jar, and steam it for 20 minutes. If you stored it in your fridge, it may use within 3 weeks. Easy for the breakfast menu, right?

Old Fashioned Grape Jam

Source: practicalselfreliance.com

Grape jam is delicious for everyone. To make a really fine grape jam, you need to remove the seeds from grapes. They much larger than raspberry or blackberry seeds, and once you’ve cooked a batch down, if you haven’t removed the seeds, there are a lot of grape seeds in the finished jam. If you’d like to make a low sugar grape jam, you can reduce the sugar by half without a problem.

Pineapple Jam

Source: www.accidentalhappybaker.com

Bright and sunny. Sweet and tasty. This easy jam is full of pineapple bits and takes only 20 minutes to make. Making pineapple as the jam for your breakfast is super delicious. You also can place the pineapple jam as a gift for your closes friends.

Those all healthy fruits jam for your toasted bread. You can choose original bread or wheat bread for all these jams. It is better to toast the bread first or you can just spread the jam on the bread. All your family members will love it!

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