The Benefits Of Soybean That Might Surprise You

Soybeans contain protein, calcium, fiber, and unsaturated fats. The nutrients in soybeans are good for health, such as maintaining bone strength, losing weight, and treating various types of diseases. Soybeans contain compounds called isoflavones that are beneficial for improving health and beauty. Antioxidants function to repair cells and prevent the effects of free radicals. The health benefits of soybeans include the following:

Prevent Osteoporosis


Soybean contains isoflavones, which are substances that have a chemical structure that is very similar to estrogen. Bone health becomes very vulnerable in old age. This is because the absorption of calcium begins to weaken. During menopause, estrogen levels will decrease and these isoflavones bind to estrogen receptors in cells that will relieve menopausal symptoms. Isoflavones will increase bone density in women and offer protection against osteoporosis.

Boost Heart Health


Research at the National Soybean Laboratory at the University of Illinois says that soybean oil does not contain cholesterol. Soybean oil is a rich source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, including two essential fatty acids called linoleic acid and linolenic acid.

Both of these essential fatty acids will affect smooth muscle contraction and blood pressure. Soybeans are a source of soluble fiber, which can help reduce cholesterol levels and potentially reduce the risk of heart disease.

Boost Digestion


The content of soluble fiber in soybeans will help speed up the disposal of food scraps through the digestive tract. According to Live Strong, a high-fiber diet will improve digestive health through normal bowel movements. Add soybean to the daily menu to prevent colon cancer, constipation, and hemorrhoids

Prevent Cancer


Soybeans have a function to prevent and fight cancer cells. It contains high antioxidants, so they can defend from radicals that cause cell damage. You can consume soy regularly to reduce the risk of all types of cancer. You can consume it as porridge, soy milk, tofu or tempeh.

How To Consume


The popular product of soybean is soybean milk. The way to make soybean milk is quite easy. Aside from making soybean milk itself, you can know its cleanliness. But soybean milk is sold in many places so you can find it easily.

Even the soybean is healthy, but there are several things you should aware of. Soybeans contain a substance called goitrogens, which can interfere with the activity of the thyroid gland. Soybeans also contain oxalate, so someone who has problems with oxalate should avoid excessive consumption of soybeans because it can affect the formation of kidney stones. To avoid the dangerous allergic, you might consume it thrice a week.

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