The Things You Can Do In Waiting Time

Queuing or waiting is something that is never separated from our lives. Although many people do not like to queue, this certainly can not be avoided. People don’t like to queue because inevitably they have to wait and waste a lot of time.

Waiting for your turn at the doctor’s. Waiting for the bus, board the plane, your oil change to be done. Being forced to wait can make you feel trapped–you have no control over the situation and you have no idea how long it will really last. You may even feel stressed and irritable. Before it annoys you very much, it is better to spend your waiting or queuing time to do something fun for you!

Read A Book


Although it’s quite rare to see people queuing while reading a book, this activity is still a great choice. Surely this activity is one of the best escapees one can do while waiting in line.

Not only physical books but now there are also many digital books that can be obtained on the internet in the form of PDF files or books in book loan applications. Rather than doing things that are not useful, reading a book is the right choice right?

Play Mobile Phone Games


For gamers, spend waiting time playing games on their smartphones. Especially young children usually choose to wait by playing games. For introverts or those who are not good at socializing especially with new people they usually tend to spend time playing mobile phone games. The excitement of playing games is also a reason for spending time with other activities.

Have A Conversation


Chatting with people who are also waiting in line is common. For people with types who like to chat or people who are easy to socialize usually choose to chat with people next to rather than busy with gadgets.

Not only overcoming waiting time, chatting with other people who are not well known also can certainly broaden the friendly environment. But there are also types of people who, when they are bored with their cellphones, will also find friends to talk with and start conversations.

Catch Up On The News


While the news is usually nothing but depressing stories, you need to at least be aware of what’s happening around you in order to have topics of conversation to discuss with friends and coworkers. Spend your time in line reading news stories and catching up on current events. News can easily be found online news portal.

Check Your Social Media


This activity is often done by everyone while waiting in line. In fact, there are many people who spend their waiting time by playing with smartphones, one of which is by checking all their social media accounts. As if it is a need to be updated, social media is also entertaining when the atmosphere becomes boring as when waiting for a queue.

Those all activities that you can do while waiting or queueing in some places. But you have to adjust and respect other people’s activity if they don’t want to socialize with you. Be patient while waiting and follow the rules.

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Noval Vexecyn

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