Tips To Avoid Gain Weight During Vacation

What kind of activities do you usually do while on vacation? Most people may just go back and forth eating, sleeping, watching TV, and repeatedly become a habit. Indeed, vacation becomes the perfect time to relax. But be careful, over time relaxing without controlling your diet can make weight gain sharply.

The most important thing from controlling weight during the vacation is to limit calorie intake per day. However, that does not mean you should not enjoy a variety of typical snacks or food on your vacation. There are several tips you can do so that your weight does not gain sharply, even though you’re on a vacation tour.

Control Your Food


You have to reduce sweet food during the vacation. Some other types of food and drinks apparently contain added sugar. For example soft drinks, packaged fruit juices, canned fruit, sauces, and dairy products such as ice cream and sweet yogurt. To maintain a stable weight, limit the consumption of sweet foods and drinks during the vacation.

If you are faced with two choices between savory foods and sweet foods, you should choose foods that have a savory taste to prevent weight gain. Fruits and vegetables, including foods low in calories but high in fiber. This means, just eating fruits and vegetables can make you full longer. This is certainly good news for those of you who want to maintain the ideal body weight during the vacation.

Keep Exercising


Don’t forget about physical exercise and try to stay active during the vacation. Look for a parking area far from the mall entrance or move your body while watching television. Exercise is proven to burn calories and maintain balanced body weight. You can try to explore interesting places on foot or take a walk while enjoying the scenery at the tourist attractions.

Weight Your Body Frequently


To maintain stable body weight, try to keep exercising on the vacation. You don’t need to look for a gym or other fitness center. Just take the time to walk or jog around the hotel, beach, or vacation location while breathing fresh air.

The important thing, make sure your body remains active moves at least 15 minutes. Especially if you have just had a big meal with your family, calories and fat from food should be burned immediately with exercise.

Watch Your Bedtime


A vacation means partying, having dinner with family, shopping, and often spending late at night. Nevertheless, make sure to get enough sleep. During vacation, your bedtime is usually so disturbed. But you need to know, lack of sleep can make you easily feel hungry and want to continue eating. This is caused by increased production of the hormone that triggers hunger, due to lack of sleep.

A vacation can make you more refreshed and enthusiastic indeed when returning to work later. But in order to maintain your health and weight, don’t forget to apply the tips above. Have a good vacation!

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