Too Much Salt Threat Human Organs

Everyone loves savory taste food, right? Mostly savory taste is from salt. But food without salt is tasteless. The minerals contained in salt can help regulate body fluids, maintain nerve transmission and muscle contraction. The sodium contained in table salt is actually very important for nerve health.

This is because sodium plays an important role in sending nerve impulses from the brain throughout the body, and vice versa. But it should be noted, these benefits can be obtained if you properly limit sodium intake. When consumed in excess, sodium can actually have a negative impact on health even if salt is important for human health. Here are several bad impacts of too much salt consumption,

Interfere With Kidney Functions


One of the functions of salt is to balance the fluid levels in the body, by giving signals to the kidneys when to hold water and when to urinate. Unfortunately, excessive salt consumption can disrupt the process. If you consume too much salt, your kidneys will reduce the expenditure of water into the urine, which can cause an increase in blood volume due to water retention. Symptoms that will arise include edema, which is characterized by swelling especially in the hands, arms, ankles, and feet, which is caused by fluid retention.

Rise Blood Pressure


Salt can also affect blood pressure, because of the higher the level of sodium in the blood, the higher your blood volume. The increase in blood volume can affect blood pressure levels. In addition, sodium consumption, in the long run, can also damage the walls of blood vessels and increase the risk of hypertension or high blood pressure.

Degradation Of Brain Function


The raised blood pressure caused by eating too much salt may damage the arteries leading to the brain. The study found that adults who consume a lot of salt in food risk more than just heart disease. A study even shows that adults who consume too much salt and don’t exercise are at greater risk of experiencing cognitive decline.

Causing Obesity


Over salt consumption in the body can cause the body to become swollen. Because salt can cause fluid retention in your body. The body has a natural mechanism that tells you when to stop eating and when to start eating. When you eat too much salt, your body will become insensitive and detect no sign of having to stop eating. It will cause gaining weight because of water bond by salt.

Consumption of salt is certainly not something that should be avoided as long as it is in the right amount. Do not let you consume too much or too little salt because it can endanger your body’s health. Just take the right portion of salt.

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Noval Vexecyn

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