Top 6 Cooking Tips To Make Perfect Macaroons At Home

Have you ever make a box of macaroons at home? If you never try to make and afraid of failure, you should learn how to cook them first before starting. But without fail, you will never learn anything from your mistakes. So, we give you some handy and easy tricks to help you make fewer mistakes in your first try of making macaroons. Here we go!

Use Macaroons Mold


If you can, buy a Moule Macaron, a silicon mat designed specifically for making macarons. You don’t have to buy a mat; you can draw a template onto greaseproof paper; the advantage to the mat is the indentations help to create a perfect shape. The great shape for every macaroon with mold!

Use Food Color Paste


For colored macarons, use food color paste not a liquid; using a liquid alters the macaron texture. Add colorings to the liquid egg whites. Add more rather than less at this stage which will make a darker color than you ultimately want as it will lighten considerably with whisking and the addition of the sugar

Prepare All The Ingredients


Weigh and measure all your ingredients before you start and always sieve the icing sugar and the ground almond; you may think skipping this step will not matter; it does. Not sieving, you risk lumps in the mixture which will flatten the macaron mixture.

Gently Mix It


When mixing the almond/icing sugar to the beaten egg whites, use a slim spatula, and fold quickly and gently. You will lose a lot of the air, but the resulting batter should still be thick and airy. Too runny and you have overworked it.

Tap And Wait


Once piped, tap the baking sheet sharply on the worktop to remove any air bubbles and to help the mixture settle. Leave the piped macarons to dry before cooking; 20 to 30 mins is best; the surface of the macarons will dry and become smooth.

Wait And Refrigerate Before Eat


After baked, leave the macarons to go completely cold. Don’t be tempted to remove the macarons until they are cold, you will be upset if you do; the macarons will stick. Pipe the filling on to the flat side of one macaron, place the other on top, and twist gently to spread the cream. Before eating them, they are best kept in a container inside the fridge overnight. The end result is the more chewy and better-flavored macaron.

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