Top Your Waffle With Homemade Super Ice Cream On It

The only thing more impressive than serving your own homemade pie during the holidays is topping it with a scoop of your own homemade ice cream. And much of the fruit that’s at its best right now. Here are six super ice cream recipes in sweater weather, a mix of creamy ice creams, punchy sherbets, and sorbets that preserve the full fresh flavor of the fruit that goes into them. Serve them as palate cleansers before dessert, scooped onto your favorite cake, or just treat them as your daily allotment of Vitamin C.

Apple Pie Ice Cream


What’s better than apple pie? Apple pie as ice cream. In this recipe, a bunch of apples gets cooked down into concentrated apple butter, gently spiced with cinnamon, then cooked into a thick custard. Instead of chunks of pie crust (which get nubby and hard to eat when frozen), the “crust” of this pie is chunks of tea biscuits that replicate the taste and feel of pie crust softened by ice cream.

Kumquat Lemongrass Ice Cream


To tame the intensely sour bite of kumquats—those wee citrus fruits that seem to make any winter day feel brighter—there’s nothing easier than candying them. Once you do, you may as well stir them into a custard infused with the herbal-citrus lilt of lemongrass. This ice cream is great with Chinese takeout—eaten curled up on the couch, of course.

Lemon Ice Cream


Sweet and tart, light and creamy, more than a little like lemon meringue pie, it’s a beautiful expression of citrus with greater substance than a watery sorbet. This ice cream gets its lemon flavor from three sources: zest steeped into the base, candied whole lemons stirred in during the churn, and a healthy dose of lemon juice for a jolt of puckering tartness.

Fruitcake Ice Cream


Okay, so the fruit in this ice cream is dried, not fresh, and it’s partially there to soak up a cup of dark rum, but I feel comfortable calling this recipe an improvement on the baked cake original. Dried cherries, apricots, ginger, and raisins play together with walnuts and pecans in a gently spiced custard that may give you a little buzz.

Blood Orange Sherbet


There’s scoopable ice cream, and then there’s so-soft-it-ripples-like-hot-fudge ice cream. This is the latter, so smooth and creamy you’ll be surprised it wasn’t made by a professional. The blood orange flavor—part berry, part citrus—comes through loud and clear.

Orange Buttermilk Sherbet


This spin on a creamsicle replaces plain old milk with twangy buttermilk for something a little more complex and interesting. A dash of orange zest adds a pleasantly bitter bite to cut through all the sugar.

Those ice-cream ideas are simple to make in your very own kitchen and are guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds as well as your vitamin needs. It will be perfect to top on your waffle and pie. Let’s rock!

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