Treat Your Good Friends With Homemade Good Food

Whether your family is far away or you opt to spend the holidays with your chosen family, these creative holiday recipes will surely impress your squad. They’re easy to make, use delicious seasonal ingredients, and work for a variety of tastes and dietary requirements. Send this list to your friends, pick your favorites, and pull together a meal to remember.

Deep-Fried Turkey Breasts

Turkey is, of course, the star of any Thanksgiving celebration. If you’re a fan of the deep-fried food craze, why not use this cooking method for your Friendsgiving bird? This Cajun-style recipe is a great way to feed guests at smaller gatherings when an entire turkey would be overdoing it.

Keto Cornbread

Serve up a keto-friendly side dish with a quick and easy recipe that will satisfy your cornbread cravings without weighing you down. Almond and coconut flours replace the usual cornmeal and wheat flour for a tasty variation without carbs. You can also use it to make a keto stuffing.

Peach-Yam Casserole With Mini-Marshmallows

Retro-cool casseroles are fun to serve at Friendsgiving gatherings and this peach-yam bake with mini-marshmallows is sure to be a hit. Using canned yams and canned peaches make it a snap to assemble and it bakes up in less than an hour. Make it up to two days ahead and store in the fridge to reheat when guests arrive.

Hawaiian Rolls

Bake up a batch of homemade Hawaiian rolls with this foolproof recipe. Pineapple juice and honey give these fluffy dinners roll their signature sweetness. Don’t skip the egg wash (added just before baking), which produces that beautiful gloss.

Baked Avocado Chips

Upgrade your usual appetizer offering of guacamole and chips with this awesome recipe for baked avocado chips with zesty chili-lime seasoning. These chips are keto-friendly and carb-free, making it perfect for those guests who are eating carefully.

If you’re not prepared with healthy food, it’s all too easy to give in to the temptation of grabbing junk food or other sugary or fatty food. When you start clamoring for food, it’s especially hard to remember your resolutions to eat healthy as a family, if there aren’t healthy options close at hand. That’s why you may try one of the healthy food recipes that you can make at home,

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