Various Healthy Food For School Lunch Box

Bringing a lunch box is a simple way to discipline kids to save money every day. This method can also be demonstrated for your kids when he is accustomed to carrying lunch when going to school. In addition to maintaining clean food, you can also calculate the adequacy of nutrition to meet the energy needs of your child all day at school. With these awesome lunch box menus below you can send your kids back to school.

Hummus Veggie Wraps


This is a simple school lunch that is easy to prepare. The wraps are slathered with a thick layer of protein-packed vegetarian hummus and topped with crisp veggies like cucumbers, carrots and bell peppers, but you can use anything you enjoy and have on hand.

Easy Fruit And Cream Cheese Lunch Wraps


They are super fast to make, and kids will love them because they are naturally sweet. To make these cream cheese and fruit wraps, simply spread a little whipped cream cheese onto a whole wheat tortilla and then top with your choice of sliced fruit. Used strawberries, kiwi, and pears in these wraps, but feel free to use whatever you have on hand.

California Veggie Sandwich


This vegetarian sandwich downright irresistible is the homemade spinach dip spread. Use your favorite vegan sandwich spread to make the dip or simply swap the spinach dip for guacamole or your favorite hummus. You can add chicken or meat slices into the sandwich.

Ham And Egg Wrap With Herbs


Easy, healthy and protein-packed, this ham and egg wrap with herbs makes the perfect lunch. The combination of scrambled eggs with the salty ham, a little cheese and then topped with crispy greens with fresh herbs. With a thin layer of chive and onion cream cheese which gets kind of melty from the heat of the scrambled eggs.

Chicken Tikka Wrap


It is a quick, healthy, flavorful option for a weeknight dinner or lunch. Juicy chicken tikka pieces are tightly wrapped with delicious spread and toppings. Chicken needs to be marinated at least a few hours in advance but other than that everything comes together in 10 minutes or less.

Lunchbox Chickpea Salad


Lunchbox Chickpea Salad, which can be made by anyone, anytime, anywhere as there is no cooking involved, only chopping and mixing of ingredients. You could bulk up the salad by adding cooked grains such as quinoa, barley, freekeh, etc and adjust other ingredients as needed.

Now you don’t get confused anymore to prepare lunch box menu for your kids. From the recipes above, it can help you to make lunch box menu variety and your kids will love it. Make sure to use healthy ingredients so your kids will get balanced nutrition.

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