Vegetables With High Iron Content

Iron deficiency is the most common type of nutrient deficiency. Lack of intake iron causes the body can not produce enough hemoglobin which has the role of carrying oxygen to the body’s organs. So far we know that meat especially red meat as a source of iron. Iron is needed by the body to carry oxygen to the bloodstream.

Unfortunately, those who choose to be vegan and vegetarians cannot eat meat as a source of iron. Alternatively, they must find a source of iron from vegetables. But don’t worry, for vegans and vegetarians, apparently, there are 5 types of vegetables that contain more iron than meat!



It’s no secret that Popeye’s favorite vegetable is rich in iron. 3 cups of spinach contain 18 mg of iron. If converted, the amount of iron is even more than you can get from 8 ounces of beef tablets. Spinach is a variety of your favorite foods such as soups, smoothies, or can also be mixed into vegetarian pasta dishes



Often touted as a vegetable that has high levels of antioxidants, it turns out broccoli is also rich in iron. Not only that, but broccoli also contains vitamin K, magnesium, and vitamin C. So you have to put these vegetables in your food to encourage the absorption of iron in the body.

Bok Choy


One of the typical vegetables of oriental cuisine is also rich in iron tablets. In a dose of 1 cup bok choy contains 1.8 mg of iron. In addition, Bok Choy also contains vitamin A which is abundant. Bok choy can be mixed with almost all cuisines. You may try to mix with your favorite food.

Baked Potato


Not only green vegetables, but you can also get iron intake from baked potatoes. A large baked potato contains three times more iron than 3 ounces of chicken. Complete your baked potato menu with steamed broccoli and a little cheese to make it more delicious and rich in benefits.



This type of lettuce vegetables contains quite a lot of iron. 3 cups of kale contain 3.6 mg of iron. You can turn kale into a salad or tuck it in your favorite sandwich.

Along with the consumption of iron-rich foods, choose foods or drinks that contain vitamin C, such as orange juice, to increase iron absorption. Vitamin C is also contained in fruits and vegetables such as kiwi, melon, strawberries, broccoli, grapes, tomatoes.

On the other hand, consumption of certain foods can actually inhibit the absorption of calcium. Therefore, limit consumption of iron with tea or coffee or calcium-rich foods/drinks, antacid drugs, or whole-grain cereals.

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