What Are The Causes Of Swollen Face?

Waking up in the morning with fresh conditions is certainly very pleasant. However, it is different if you experience swollen faces when you wake up. This condition makes you feel sad to start the day. The swollen face will make you not confident enough to start the activity. Not many people know what causes swollen faces when you wake up in the morning. Let’s check and avoid to have a swollen face in the morning!

Too Much Sugar Consumption

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Swollen face in the morning can also be a sign that you have consumed too much food containing salt. Because, swelling on the face generally occurs due to water resistance in the body, aka the body holding some water. This often happens when someone consumes too much salty food, contains high carbohydrates, and processed foods.


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In fact there are many factors that cause the accumulation of water in the tissues under the skin, which causes the face to look swollen. One of the most common causes of this condition is allergic. There are many variations of allergies that can cause swollen faces when you wake up, such as food allergies, drug allergies, to insect bites while sleeping.

Compress the swollen face with cold water. To avoid this happening again, you can try to raise your head while sleeping by using more pillows. However, if complaints of swelling on the face feel increasingly severe, persistent, or followed by other complaints such as pain and shortness of breath, immediately check with a doctor.

Fewer Sleep Hours

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Adults people are advised to sleep about 7-8 hours at night. There are quite a number of adults who sleep less at night and wake up not fresh. Well, one of the causes of appearance does not look fresh when lack of sleep is a swollen face.

Swollen face due to lack of sleep arises because of the disruption of the performance of hormones in the body. It is undeniable, the condition of natural hormones in the body is really affected by the resting hours obtained.

Wrong Sleep Position

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Positioning the face against the pillow will cause fluid to accumulate due to pressure. No wonder, after waking up, my face becomes swollen. For that, it is necessary to avoid these habits while sleeping.

You can not lie flat as usual without putting pressure on the face. Drinking water before going to bed is also able to remove toxins from the body and is useful for hydrating the skin.

But still, if the swollen face that you experience is getting worse, it is better to see a doctor soon. Avoid some causes above to reduce the swollen face in the morning. Always drink water before and after wake up.

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