Whiten Your Teeth With Natural Ingredients

Actually whiten teeth can be done naturally without expensive costs. Whiten teeth with natural ingredients are also certainly safer. However, you need to be patient because whitening teeth in a natural way cannot be done instantly.

You must do dental care with natural ingredients regularly, can not be obtained if only done once or twice a week. Taking care of your teeth is also not enough to brush your teeth.  Some ingredients to whiten teeth below are quite easy to find and simple to do, so you can do it yourself at home.

Activated Charcoal

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Whiten teeth with charcoal are also known to be effective. Some people still swear by activated charcoal’s ability to eliminate tooth stains and whiten teeth. If you’d like to try activated charcoal to whiten your teeth, you can purchase it as a powder or in capsules that you open. Mix with water to make a paste. You can also try sprinkling the charcoal onto your wet finger or toothbrush.

Banana Peel

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The taste is sweet and easy to obtain makes many people choose this one fruit as favorite fruits. In addition to the fruit, it turns out the skin of this one fruit can be used to remove the yellow color of the teeth. How to whiten teeth with banana peel is just rubbing it on the teeth evenly.


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To use one of these kitchen ingredients, you can use a salt solution to rinse your mouth every day. The antibacterial content of salt kills germs that cause cavities. But it should be noted also the danger of whitening teeth with salt. Do not use too much chemical salt because it can harm the mouth.

Baking Soda

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Baking soda can help clean spots on the surface of your teeth while preventing the development of bacteria in your mouth. To get these benefits, you can make baking soda paste. It’s easy enough to do, mix one teaspoon of baking soda with two teaspoons of water. Then brush your teeth as usual. Do this natural way to whiten teeth several times a week. You can also use baking soda as a mouthwash.


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Pure cow’s milk is known to be effective for healthy and whitening teeth. You can consume pure cow’s milk regularly to whiten teeth to be radiant. Milk is also a source of calcium which functions to maintain teeth strength. The content of phosphorus and magnesium in milk can also help to whiten teeth naturally.

Whiten teeth with natural ingredients avoid you from the dangers of certain chemicals. But you have to remember if you want to whiten teeth, clean your teeth frequently and avoid coffee and tea to maximize your effort. Coffee and tea contain high sugar level which causes your white teeth to fade.

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