Yummy And Healthy Kids Snacks That Easy To Make At Home

These easy snack ideas will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Not only will the kids love eating them—they’ll have a ball making them! Feel free to include (or omit) any ingredients in order to abide by any dietary guidelines. It’s so fun (and delicious) to have quality time and learning experience in the kitchen. Lastly, they’re all quite healthful, so you can feel good about sharing them!


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Popcorn is a sure-fire hit with kids and uses whole-grain ingredients! Popcorn actually has 4 grams of fiber per 3-cup serving, which makes it a filling snack. Plus, it’s endlessly versatile. You can transform air-popped popcorn with all sorts of toppings, including grated cheese, nutritional yeast or cinnamon and sugar.

Ice Pops

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Ice pops couldn’t be easier or more versatile to whip up. And when you make them yourself, you control exactly what goes in them. These Frozen Orange Pops deliver a helping of vitamin C and calcium to your child, courtesy of the main ingredients: orange juice and nonfat Greek yogurt.


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You can make them healthy when you use the right ingredients. Whole-wheat pastry flour can be subbed for white flour in most cookies. Rolled oats add even more fiber. And in some recipes, like these Oatmeal-Chocolate Snack Cakes, you can replace some of the butter with applesauce to lighten up the saturated fat. Serve them with low-fat milk and you have a nutritious, balanced snack for your kids.


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Pizza is really just another take on a sandwich, and it can be a vehicle for healthy toppings like olives, sliced peppers, or pineapple and ham. Use whole-wheat English muffins or buy premade whole-wheat pizza dough and have your kids add their favorite toppings.

Grilled Cheese

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Snacks don’t need to be made from snack foods. Serving a sandwich (or half of one) can be a smart solution for snack time. Even grilled cheese can be a good choice when you use 100-percent whole-grain bread and add in sliced apples for extra fiber.

Crispy Rice Treats

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The classic crispy rice-marshmallow-and-butter snack gets a health boost in these Puffed Rice Snowballs, thanks to added dried fruit and seeds. Use puffed whole-grain cereal to make them even better for your kids.

Many kids get hungry between meals. A healthy snack can provide your kids with energy and help them get the nutrients they need on a daily basis. Offer your kids whole, unprocessed foods at snack time instead of prepackaged snack foods.

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Noval Vexecyn