Yummy Rainbow Food For Colorful Family Meal Time At Any Occasions

Rainbow foods are a great way to cheer up mealtimes or to present an enticing spread for a party. Making rainbow foods does mean having a lot of food colorings to hand, but in this list you’ll find ways to present nature’s own rainbow foods too. A dessert table with a rainbow of strawberries, meringue cookies, and parfait is ready to party. Snack mix, veggie salad, and salmon look lovely in color.

Rainbow Donuts

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You will not be able to take your hands off of these amazing and colorful rainbow donuts. These fun treats are made with simple vanilla donuts topped with a rainbow of fruity pebbles cereal, melted white chocolate, and shredded coconut. It takes a bit of time and effort to separate all of the different colors of the fruity pebbles rainbow, but it is totally worth the result.

Rainbow Bread

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Using pre-made bread dough makes this Rainbow Bread a little quicker to throw together and completely stress-free to bake. Swirls of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple make the most colorful bread you have ever seen. A sandwich made out of this bread would be astoundingly gorgeous, plus it would be perfect for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations or rainbow birthday parties.

Rainbow Veggie Pizza

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If you are struggling to get your kids onto the veggie-loving bandwagon, make healthy fun with this incredible Rainbow Veggie Pizza. It is a great way to get all kinds of veggies into your diet, and kids are guaranteed to love it. The recipe uses a quick and easy, not to mentioned lightened up, pizza crust solution – store-bought flatbread! The best news is that this veggie pizza only takes a few minutes to whip up.

Rainbow Cake Roll

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Jelly rolls or cake rolls are actually surprisingly easy to make, and one of the best desserts to serve to a crowd. This Rainbow Cake Roll is definitely no exception. Beautiful, colorful strips of cake mix are baked together to create the ultimate rainbow dessert. It’s then filled with the tastiest whipper rainbow chip frosting!

Rainbow Spring Roll

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Lighten up your lunches with these healthy and nutritious, not to mention delicious, rainbow spring rolls. It all starts with a rainbow of crisp, fresh fruits and veggies for a full spectrum of colors and health benefits. Expertly wrap your fillings with rice paper, then it’s onto the sauce. Tasty homemade peanut sauce elevates these spring rolls to amazing, with an extra kick from freshly grated ginger.

Rainbow Salmon Skewers

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Rainbow Salmon Skewers are an easy and healthy meal perfect for barbecue season. They make a delicious 30-minute meal that is fun to make with your friends or kids! Cuts of fresh salmon fillet are stacked high with multicolored bell pepper, red onion, and a squeeze of fresh lemon. Serve the skewers on top of a green salad for a light meal, or on a bed of flavored couscous for a more substantial dinner.

You could spend your life waiting for something magical to happen — or you could just create your own rainbow and go on your merry way. If you choose the latter, consider one of these rainbow-inspired ideas for a dessert, treat, or afternoon snack that’s equally colorful and delicious.

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